America got a traitor to the north

Does Trudeau want to help the Chinese military to invade Siberia?
I don’t think so.
So what’s the great idea?

The conservative Canadian government that preceded Trudeau’s had already approved Canadian soldiers training Chinese soldiers in winter warfare…:wink:

The matter dominated question period in the House of Commons, with Sajjan blaming the former Conservative government for having signed a military cooperation plan in 2013 with Beijing.

Leave it to the clueless ignorant troll to be posting fake stories that normally one expects to find in tabloids at check out counters! :rofl:

The Montecrusty strikes again! Hilarious!

Again, what’s the practicality of training troops under arctic conditions?
Where is the potential battle ground?
Siberia? No.

Just saying, Trump has US troops training with Chinese troops, why can’t Canadian troops train with the Chinese…

Or better still, US troops training with Canadians.

Greatest threat for the US.
Invaders from the north! LOL

Maybe Communist China would plan to invade the US with help from the TRAITOROUS commie sympathizer Trudeau.
The government lacks the testicles to cut off funding or delay funding as long as as possible. Not knowing how their government works, I don’t know if that’s a possibility.

I heard about Chinese troops in Mexico.
So it may be a pincer movement.
If commies cannot occupy the entire 48 contiguous states militarily, they can establish “people’s republics” in their occupied territories.
Nuts in the northeast and on the left coast will welcome that.

And with the help of their soldiers that Trump is allowing to be trained by US troops…:rofl:

Euraisian Times: LEFT-CENTER BIAS These media sources have a slight to moderate liberal bias . They often publish factual information that utilizes loaded words (wording that attempts to influence an audience by using appeal to emotion or stereotypes) to favor liberal causes.

Really? From who, Alex Jones…

Canada became our foe when it paid millions to an Islamic Terrorist.
Canada pays $8 million to convicted extremist Omar Khadr for time in Guantanamo - New York Daily News (

So you think Canada is no longer an ally…:thinking:

China does not have military troops stationed in Mexico. They are very economically engaged in Mexico and Latin America generally. Belt and Road namely.

But China’s rise is an inevitability and there’s little the US can do about it now. While the US has been active for decades waging war about the Middle East/North Africa and elsewhere, China has been building roads and bridges…

Beginning with the fall of the Soviet Union, China has been watching the US to see how we were going to handle our lone super power status. And they have not been impressed. They have decried the dangers of a unipolar world and have been opposing it in every way they can, including opposing us at the UN.

Following the US illegal invasion of Iraq in 2003 they have been aggressively building up their military and are heading toward a blue water navy. The pentagon in their annual report to congress have year after year warned about this, but its largely fallen on deaf ears…

I’ve long predicted that it’s a matter of time before the US gets its ass kicked by China, and it’s too late for the US to avoid that, and divided as America is today, we’re ripe…

The strength of China’s military lies in the sheer number of its troops and not in its air force or navy.

What’s the population of China? Several times that of the US?

During the Korean war, China sent the poorly armed undesirables to the front who were Buddhist priests, non-communists, sons of land owners etc. And these poor fellas were mowed down by the UN (who were basically Americans and Canadians) machine gunners.

When real fighting takes place along the US borders in the north and south, the Chinese will take heavy casualties but the regime doesn’t care.

The US military has been fighting wars outside the US since 1865 blasting non-English speaking peoples in their homes, but has little experience in the urban warfare inside its turf.

Yeah, I figured you weren’t reading the pentagons annual report to congress. Even most Americans don’t look at it.

Anyway the Korean era China isn’t the 2020 China and if you ever get around to looking at the pentagons reports, you’ll understand the difference and their cause for concern…

And the US has been fighting outside wars since before 1865, and it’s true we have fought no wars in our own streets.

Also discussed here is Trudeau’s friendship with Christopher Charles Ingvaldson (Peadophile)

Father Trudeau was a satanist and globalist who wanted a handful of rich “elites” to rule the world.
Like father, like son.