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For those who need to stay in the loop as we get closer to the elections on November 6th 2024, this is useful information.

Who: a. local, county and State law enforcement authorities (DAs AGs, Sherriff’s, State Police), b. properly trained, advised and equipped deputized residents (recently pushed out due to the illegal military jab mandate and LEO in the hundreds of thousands) c. working closely with


to obtain and analyze geotagged and time-stamped MotherOfAllTwitterFiles evidence What: Conduct legal, moral, ethical, peaceful and patriotic Live-streamed swatting raids of our domestic enemies (See Deep State Target List) When: No earlier than July 11 (see Judge Merchan sentencing) Where: In the nearly 3k RED counties and over 2 dozen RED states Why: To restore the US constitutional republic to its intended state, equal justice under the law, root out corruption within both political parties and the national security state, and provide a Trump-Flynn administration the freedom of maneuver to quickly rebuild a federal capability to crush the commies globally Phase 1: Now-July 11 Phase 2: RNC Convention July 15-18 (Rules Committee July ~7-14) Phase 3: US House July 22-August 1 (stop


Secret Service removal bill?) Phase 4: DNC Convention Aug 15-22 Phase 5: US House Sep 9-27 (either




strikes the January 6 committee report from the record and proves a


fedsurrection and coverup or the Democrats take over the Speaker of the House for


so that


can label January 6 an insurrection and Donald Trump an insurrectionist, thus blocking him from being on the ballot per 14A Section 3 using


case as precedent in NM) Phase 6: WeThePeople lean on State Legislatures to allocate their States’ electors for Trump/Flynn per US Constitution Article 2.1.2 to guarantee free and fair election without: a. retail, wholesale, analog, digital, machine, software fraud, b. bigtech, legacy media, RNC, DNC manipulation or c. foreign interference (under this framework Republicans legislatures control the majority of the 538 POTUS/VP electors) Phase 7: US House Nov 12-21, Dec 3-19 (relook of Phase 3 & 5 above) Virginia Gov







must provide State level protection to President-elect


from or properly deputized American citizens (see Who paragraph a. above) must provide this protection wherever the duly-elected POTUS is located should Secret Service protection cease. a. possible Chris Wray-conducting what J Edgar Hoover did to JFK, RFK, MLK, Malcolm X in the 60s or b.


working with Iran to achieve same result as 3a above Phase 8: Jan 3-6 New House 119th Congress depending on makeup could do what did not occur in phases 3,5,7 above and also block Congressional certification of electors Phase 9: Jan 6-20th 2025 prepare for inauguration and remain in Florida to conduct POTUS/VPOTUS from Mar-a-Lago, the Winter White House.

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