Amber Rudd reveals she will not stand at next general election

Best news I’ve heard so far today. Now maybe she’ll find a job she’s some good at? :rofl:

Got a link to something? :man_shrugging:

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Being an American I didn’t think you’d be interested enough to care. But anyhoo, here’s a link

Well that’s interesting, seems Brexit has all kinds of repercussions.

Well I’m glad it had that one; :smile: she’s just another career politician who wasn’t very bright, probably because she’s never had a proper job. These days they’re nearly all career politicians in the House, and that’s why the political classes have become incompetent and dysfunctional; they’re straight down from Oxbridge and think of themselves as ‘gentleman farmers’ and we’re their bovine/porcine/bovidae farmyard livestock, but if they were (gentleman farmers), they’d be bankrupts in a fortnight. Anyhoo, with the recent number of ‘stepping down from politics’ announcements, it looks like the Westminster swamp it draining itself, and all we need to do is kick out the newcomers asap, before they destroy our country by their stupidity and naievety (dunno how to spell it). It’s bad enough that our national broadcaster is stupid and naive without the politicos too.

Literally who?

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