Amazon activists Mourn Death of ‘Man of the Hole’, Last of his Tribe

Came across this article and found it to be an interesting read. As an indigenous person myself, I take interest in such cultures especially the ones still living in the Amazon today which fascinate me. The medicine man and the one who finds his spiritual animal as the Jaguar are of mythical proportions that such imaginative wanderings takes me and these people truly still have that lure to which remain hidden. For good reason too.

Many tribes still living in the rain forest are endangered and often become the subject and victims of homicides by ranchers and groups looking to kick these people off the land due to the rich resources that some lands possess. Adding to the problem is Jair Bolsonaro’s adverse policies towards Indigenous people and has long made his contempt for Indigenous peoples clear, once saying Brazil had erred by not decimating native peoples like the US cavalry did. Before assuming the presidency, he vowed not to give Indigenous people one more square centimetre of land, and he has kept that promise.