All Republicans Are Losing Under Trump's Israel First Platform - Louisiana Democrat Governor Wins

Another big loss in a formerly Republican state because half of the Republican voters no longer trust Trump & Co. Nice job you fat orange :israel: worshipping cuckold!

Trump is a trojan horse and all of you still supporting him need to get used to that idea.

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Well I couldn’t agree with this more.

Rispone came off as a disingenuous little schemer. Lots of accusations of using foreign workers and profiting off of tax breaks. Typical Republican tbh.

Trump was supposed to clean up this party. Even if he just failed to incarcerate anyone while attacking them for being corrupt assholes, we’d all still love him.

Same as Trump. The braggart that’s smarter than you because he doesn’t pay taxes and staffs his properties with foreigners. :man_shrugging:

Even if he committed murder on 5th ave he would still be loved by y’all.

lol, this was a 70 year-old nobody against a well-known incumbent governor who is both pro-life and pro-gun in a state that is both pro-life and pro-gun. Trump shouldn’t have bothered campaigning. I just don’t see the point of spending political capital to try to elect old Chamber of Commerce types over old school conservative democrats (similar to Manchin in WVA). He should have just stayed out.

Trump isn’t to blame for this shitty candidate or the loss, but he shouldn’t have bothered supporting this dud.


I hadn’t really been following this race. Thanks for the quick rundown.

Republicans worship the GDP over everything else.

That’s why they have no problem with importing third world scab labor.

Every time you hear a Republican profess how much they love America, what their really saying is “muh portfolio looking healthy”.

Republicans are getting theirs, who cares if the plebs can’t bootstrap themselves to the high life.

The citizens of Louisiana were happy with their governor…

The worst part is that they’ve rigged the game so hard now that there’s a veritable caste system for all but the most intelligent, manipulative, and industrious outliers.

Appeals to “free markets” and “capitalism” cease to work when no one has anything to gain from them.

I’m one of the most libertarian people out there, but the system is so fucked by this point that there’s virtually no point to trying to do anything beyond be comfortable, which they’re also taking away by importing hordes of violent savages.

There’s no incentive to vote Republican anymore except social conservatism.

There really isn’t any social conservatism anymore either.

Republicans have embraced homosexuality as a core conservative value, and they give extra points for being a former member of the military and gay.

Republicans also get super excited over based shemales.

Honestly I can’t tell the difference between liberals and republicans when it comes to social/political issues anymore.

I mean I guess Republicans want to do progressive shit a little slower than liberals, and so far they haven’t completely abandon the Second Amendment yet, but other than that what is the real difference?

Depends. Either they want to be 5 years behind or 2 months behind the shitlibs.

Anything to grift off the dissatisfied.

I don’t think this had anything to do with Trump or Israel. The Dems are expert at peeling control away one county and one state at a time…they have always known how to play the long game.

An incumbent held his seat because Louisianan’s liked the status quo…

Trump campaigned in Louisiana for his 2020 reelection run. Endorsing Rispone was just the “oh btw since I am here” move, bc not endorsing him or endorsing the D incumbent is just adding strain to the already fractured party is holding back together.

People are forgetting or are ignorant of the dynamics of the big club, and Trump is not part of it.

Americans are getting tired of Israel-worshiping so-and-so.
But is Trump it?
What about Hillary or Bill?

Certainly Trump moved the American Embassy from Tel Aviv to Jerusalem, but that was his campaign pledge in 2016. He merely kept his word.

He also sent missiles from the American warship to Syria, but many of them disappeared in thin air, or landed without causing any serious damage to the Syrian government forces and zero damage to Russia.

Trump is moving troops out of South Korea. Hopefully he does the same from Okinawa and the entire Middle East.

I’m not familiar with the political climate in deep south nowadays, but people will sure be happy to see the American troops back home, rather than getting stuck in places they had never heard of.