Alexandria Virginia Mayor Justin Wilson Suing Trump Administration in 9th Circuit to Block Revocation of Temporary Protected Status

I had a brief exchange with my mayor on Twitter today about his decision to join a left-wing lawsuit, filed all the way out in the 9th circuit, against the Trump administration’s revocation of Temporary Protected Status of foreigners who have been leeching off of our country for way too long.

Just when I was getting to my reply to him I was shadowbanned by Twitter. None of my replies were going through and I checked my shadowban status online and it was confirmed. So now you can’t even have a conversation with your local leftist elected officials that they don’t like without getting shadowbanned.

Anyway, this is all part of a ploy in the state of Virginia to keep all of these people on TPS here so they keep voting illegally in local, state, and federal election in order to turn the state blue for 2020.

Oh and I used to post under the name AlexandriaVASucks on the old site. So - hi everyone who made it :wink:


His last tweet is absolutely cringe-worthy. A weak attempt to appeal to emotion. Yes, let’s just say to hell with our immigration laws because these people are the parents of kids! You can just tell that is a standard DNC talking point that gets passed around to all of the local Democrats to repeat when challenged like the shill puppets they are.


I’m sure that is purely coincidental too. A city with crazy high numbers of TPS holders happens to also be completely controlled by Democrats. Nothing suspicious about that at all.

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You were probably detected by the Twitter algorithm that prohibits conservative talk to liberals. James O’Keefe uncovered this last year.


A government official silenced a citizen, isn’t this a first amendment violation?


He will just claim that he didn’t know anything about it. That might even be true. But I suspect he probably reported the tweets and since he is a left wing politician Twitter was more than happy to shadowban so he didn’t have to have any more uncomfortable talk.


I just went through his Twitter feed. That’s one hardcore leftist punk you’ve got there. This Washington Post article from your screenshot says he works for Amtrak. That would make him a federal employee holding elected office. I thought that was illegal?


That’s pretty much all he does as mayor. He is constantly virtue signaling on Twitter trying to get praise from the leftist blue check brigade. He is probably trying to build support so he can run for a higher office and ruin Virginia on a larger scale.

That’s the problem. The entire city council went “progressive” this last election. So instead of doing things like fixing potholes, improving schools, or making the city safer they spend the majority of their time praising illegals and celebrating diversity. Funny thing is that none of the illegals or the diversity that they love so much is actually in the neighborhoods they live in. They dump all of their illegals in my neighborhood…which used to be nice and quiet. Now it’s a shithole. I can’t even go to CVS in the middle of the day without getting sexually harrassed by some fat nasty Guatamalan.

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It’s too bad you’re shadowbanned. Once it gets lifted you should tweet this at him and #metoo it.


Sounds like you should start carrying.


We’ve got plenty of guns in the house, I just never bothered going through the hassle of getting a concealed carry permit. Probably should tho.

If diversity was a strength, it wouldn’t need to be propagandized. Its goodness would be self-evident. The purpose of propaganda is to get us to believe lies that are exposed by contact with reality.

What the hell is going on in Virginia? All of your politicians are left wing dingbats now! At least in NYC it’s to be expected. We get a few good Republicans here and there but Virginia strikes me as a conservative place.

you are not a federal employee if you work for amtrak

Tell me how Amtrak is funded. Be specific.

it receives money from the government but it is still its own company and they are not considered federal employees and do not receive federal employee benefits.

I think you meant to say…money from the taxpayers because if it didn’t it would collapse instantly as a failed business.

Look at this indoctrinated little leftist. There is a lesson to be learned here, folks. Now that the whole country is homeschooling, it’s time to teach critical thinking skills. If your kids go back to school in the fall and don’t understand that taxation is theft, that government is the problem, and that they shouldn’t give up their liberty, you wasted an opportunity.

all i am saying is he is not a federal employee.