Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez pulls a Hillary Clinton with a Fake Accent

Don’t kid yourself, she’s the new face of the party for millenials and she’s setting herself up for a 2028 presidential run.

Here is a great article that provides the proof of AOC’s fake accent along with other Democrats who employ the same “ebonics” strategy.

AOC squeaky mouse voice. (Her normal voice)

Her in the ghetto accent

Hillary’s vamped in the hood accent

Biden’s impersonation

Then AOC’s “crybaby” retort by making a false equivalency

Anybody with half a brain can see plain as day how phony most of these people are especially AOC.

Link to Nolte’s article

“The further a society drifts from Truth, the more it will hate those who speak it.”
~ George Orwell .

She’s only emulating one of the Left’s heroes…
The same person who said one thing to the gullible sheep who voted for her and another to her financial backers (code for owners) on wall street.

How does anyone even like AOC? She is so cringey. Her fake glasses and the fact that she pretends to be from the hood when she is from a ritzy area should force people to hate her.

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It’s not about liking or disliking her. She only got 110k votes in one of the most populated urban areas on the planet. Those 110k votes likely came from people voting along ethnic identity lines. AOC was put in that district for one reason…to carry the Hispanic vote.

Have you seen a politician who wasn’t fake? Ever?

Either that or friends and family. Kind of like that chick from Hawaii who almost won American Idol that way. She was a bartender after all.

AOC gets totally smoked here! Its too funny!

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You have your Greek theater mixed up. She is not Antigone. She is Praxagora. And Ecclesiazusae was a comedy, not a tragedy. Even the ancients Greeks knew how ludicrous her vision is.

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I saw her popcorn/furniture assembly video. I’m pretty sure she is mildly retarded… which is cool since that makes her truely representative of many of the left.

Libs tell us that blackface is racist.

Shouldn’t “black voice” be as well?