Alexandra Ocasio Cortez is doing more to drain the swamp than Trump has in two years

She probably kept the tags attached so she could return it.:face_with_raised_eyebrow:

I was more astounded by looking at the impossible to walk in heels and meeting with construction workers.

I also don’t understand this “cutie” comment. She’s homely as hell. Even with youth she’s homely to me. I wonder if anyone’s put her through the age machine… she’ll probably look like this in 30 years.


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Prediction: When she tries to stand up to the Democrat leadership at one point (and she will IMO, though probably not about something I’ll agree with her on), a story comes out about her taking thousands of dollars of clothes in violation of ethics laws.


I hadn’t thought of that. You are more than likely correct. How can she afford that outfit but not afford a place to live?

Hmmm… The conundrum. Do I buy this big screen TV or pay off more of my mortgage. Do I save for a down payment on a home or buy a new car with all of the bells and whistles. :thinking:

Neither. You invest in rental property and let the net profits fund both of those items. :wink:

She looks anorexic to me.

She kind of does to me as well. She has a lot of hard angles to her.

BASED Puerto Rican cutie

Actually she was born in the USA.

Daddy’s an American.

Making her an American with a puerto Rican mommy.

LOL this one is simply going to to step in front of a bus while texting. Mark my words. She will win a Darwin Award …Nature ABHORS a Vacuum.


She does. I had a family member who died from that so the signs tend to jump out at me.

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Didn’t work for Rick Perry. Maybe a wheelchair would garner more respect.

I’m not afraid of making her a martyr. She’s a clod, not as bad as Maxine Waters, but the more exposure she gets that funnier it will get.

You’re a little optimistic. That whole Democrat game in using every knob of government power to rake in more campaign bucks. It won’t take many more instances of Dems in complete control for them to never let go of power.

They just want to crush the GOP part of it. That’s Karl Rove’s game, too.


I guess that’s what you do after you deny Israel is a country.

Is that like 10% Native American???

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1/10? Not that much. More closer to 1/1024th like Warren. Democrats are fuzzy with numbers.
Plus it’s all a social construct so make it up as you go is the order of the day.
You just have to believe. :eyes:

My daughter is from Anhui, China. She did a DNA test and she is 3% Native American, who would have thought.

Even Native Americans ancestors came from Asia over from Alaska thousands of years ago during the ice age, so the theory goes, that might explain it.


If you look at Native Alaskans they certainly look Asian.


because they descended from Mongols and migrated across the Bering str8 when it was still a land bridge.
True story. See Inuit , Alussian