Alan West on the New American Stasi

The New American Stasi

By Allen West | December 16, 2019

The interesting thing about the title to this missive is that some will immediately ascertain the meaning, but some will be clueless. That is indeed the result of the progressive socialist left not teaching history, but engaging in ideological revisionist storytelling.

As well, it is a reflection upon the success of the leftist media in America having succeeded in dominating the narrative and advancing propagandized messaging, not objective news.

The Stasi was the Ministry for State Security, also known as the State Security Service in the Deutschland Democratic Republic (DDR), what we used to call East Germany. In its short forty years of existence from February 1950-January 1990, not too long ago, the “Stasi” was one of the most brutal and repressive intelligence and secret police agencies in the world.

It was comprised of some 90K employees, agents. But what truly made the Stasi so feared was the over 150K hidden informants enabling its mission, mass government surveillance, spying. It was a mission that in those forty short years resulted in the arrest of estimated 250K East Germans.

I am just a mere 58 years of age, but I will never forget the Stasi. See, as a young Airborne Lieutenant stationed in Vicenza Italy (1984-1987), one of our training rotations was to West Berlin for urban combat training. The allied forces, mainly America, had one of the best mock city training facilities in the world and for three weeks we went through that crucible.

However, we did get one day to don our dress uniform, spit-shined jump boots, maroon paratrooper beret…and cross over from liberty and freedom into abject tyranny. Yes, we transited through Checkpoint Charlie and entered East Berlin, behind the venerable Iron Curtain.

This experience came for me in January 1985, and it made an impression that continues to this day. As we walked freely on the streets, in the shops, and visited memorials…we were being watched. But more importantly, the people were being watched to see if there was any interaction with us, beyond the normal transaction of business.

You could see the fear in their eyes, and despair. Imagine knowing that freedom, liberty, is so close, but you cannot experience it. To me, that is the most damning aspect of hope, for it to be so close, yet seem unattainable. There were no smiles, no eye contact…as a young man from the inner city of Atlanta Georgia, just 24 years of age, I saw the face of tyranny, collective subjugation, and the absence of freedom.

Now, 34 years later, I am a retired Army officer, former Member of the US House of Representatives, and I am watching reports of the same tyranny in our America.

Last week, the Department of Justice Inspector General Michael Horowitz revealed that we have a New American Stasi. As a Member of Congress, I had voted against the renewal of the Patriot Act, a main reason was the Foreign Intelligence Surveillance Act (FISA) court. I could not, and still cannot, fathom having a “secret” court that has the power to grant warrants to conduct surveillance, spying, against American citizens without their knowledge, or ability to defend themselves. That is a complete and utter violation of our Fourth Amendment rights, yet this is what happened.

And last week, Mr. Horowitz confirmed my greatest concerns: Seventeen inaccuracies and omissions were made to this secret court in order to obtain warrants to conduct surveillance, spying, against American citizens. And yes, the entire Mueller special investigation which was enacted for one reason, but veered greatly off course, and certain political opposition have found themselves in sentenced to prison.

This is how things happen when progressive socialists are in power. What perhaps started with every good intention of keeping us safe from Islamic jihadists and terrorist attacks is now being used against political opponents. I have always admired the hypocrisy of socialists, communists, to claim the title of “Democratic”, such as East Germany did, and North Korea does today. It is a means by which they attempt to deceive and wrongfully label themselves…such as Bernie Sanders with his “Democratic Socialism.”

Let’s be honest, no one is going to willingly accept the tyranny of the left. Their goals, objectives, and ideological domination can only be attained by message control, coercion, intimidation, fear, threats, and ultimately, violence.

In the DDR, also referred to as the GDR (German Democratic Republic), the Stasi were the tools of implementing compliance with the rule of the state. Now, in America, we have the same apparatus growing, hiding, and being used to destroy political opposition. The endgame is the same, create such a looming fear of “resistance” that any and all real “resistance” fades away. There is such a fear in existence of speaking up, that in the end you do not speak at all.

Consider the Member of Congress from Texas, Rep. Joaquim Castro who publishes a list of supporters to President Trump…why? Think about Barack Obama leveraging the power of the Internal Revenue Service (IRS) against a constitutional conservative grassroots organization…why? Consider Eric Holder’s Operation Fast and Furious, which resulted in the death of a US Border Patrol Agent, Brian Terry…why?

Think about all the resources of the Obama administration that were used in conjunction with a political, foreign sourced, false dossier, that somehow ends up before a secret court in our America…why? Almost 20 of our States have implemented an unconstitutional act called Red Flag Laws, where a law abiding American knows not his accuser, yet can have his Second Amendment right violated…why? The left fully endorses a violent masked group called Antifa, unleashing them upon liberty loving American’s, and squashing any freedom of speech…why?

We have developed terms such as “Deep State.” We have folks calling themselves the #resistance. What we truly have developing is a New American Stasi…tactics are the same, as well as the objectives.

Did you have these same concerns with the Star chamber witch hunts during the Clinton impeachment. What about the fact that Trent Lot and Tom Dashel, both of whom had reservations over the patriot act, brought to you by the Bush administration, both of whom could have blocked it from even coming to the floor for a vote, both had their offices coincidentally (or not) anthraxed and they both jumped on board with it.

Or what of Comey’s intervention at the hospital when Bush tried to get the very ailing John Ashcroft to sign authorization for torture. Or Bush’s illegal rendition campaign around the world, speaking of the Stasi…

This shit doesn’t just happen amongst democrats. Oppose it ALL!!!

Of course this is true. No one can say that either Republicans or Democrats, liberals or conservatives, have been consisten civil libertarians.

Some examples: Woodrow Wilson was a sort-of-liberal Democratic President. His administration sent Eugene Debs (the Socialist Party leader) to prison for ten years for calling for resistance the draft, when we went into WWI. When the war was over, most countries pardoned their war resisters. Wilson kept Debs in jail. But the Republican Warren Harding, who won election in 1920, not only pardoned Debs, but he invited him to the White House for a chat.

The bete noire of the Left used to be something called the House Unamerican Activities Committee (HUAC). But it was founded, or co-founded, by a liberal Democrat from New York, Samuel Dickstein, to after Nazis. Well, I say he was a liberal … actually he was on the NKVD payroll.

The most authoritarian act of Congress ever passed was the Communist Control Act of 1953, which effectively outlawed the Communist Party. Sponsor: one Senator Hubert Humphrey, the Bernie Sanders of his day.

All of these events were motivated by, ostensibly, concern for national security. And indeed we do have to be concerned about national security, and sometimes you have to balance civil liberties with it.

It would be nice to be able to say that conservatives have always taken a strong principled stand on these issues, but we are human and fallible, and subject to the moods and hyereria of the time.

In 1964 I attended a panel discussion on the Presidential Election organized by the Houston Socialist Forum (led by my Sunday School teacher, if you can believe that). We had a panellist representing the Communist Party. The meeting was broken up by the John Birch Society – not violently, but they did stage a disruption. The police were called and their leader arrested – in court his lawyer’s defense was just one sentence, which had been made famous by the Republican Presidential candidate that year, Barry Goldwater: “Extremism in the defence of liberty is no vice”. His client was acquitted.

Now it’s the Right who defend freedom of speech, and the Left who attack it. I know there are principled liberals/progressives on the Left who still defend freedom of speech, and if you’re one, then te salud!

die Deutsche Demokratische Republik
to be exact

No, that’s not true. They both defend it, and they both attack it, depending on what is momentarily expedient.


Whoops! Mein Fehler!

This is correct. The institutions of liberal democracy are pretty fragile. I personally, having grown up in an environment where the Right was not particularly civil libertarian, and the non-Stalinist Left was, have been shocked by the ease with which the Voltarian – defend-to-the-death – attitude towards free speech has vanished among the new generations of Leftists. I’m waiting tor the ACLU to explicitly do a 180 turn on their traditional fundamentalist atitude to free speech.

It does not exist in America or Germany or Japan for that matter. David Irving, a British historian, had to spend over a year in prison in Austria for publishing and speaking his research.

So it’s not a matter of left vs right. Ironically, you can more or less freely express your opinions in Russia of all places. Question is, who owns the American (German, Japanese, etc.) media today.

It will exist in America as long as people are willing to fight for it. The Leftist Liberals will back down in the face of confrontation over the erosion of free speech rights.
If we want our free speech rights, we must be willing to take the sacrifices necessary to keep them.

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Yes, the Irving imprisonment was a scandal. They’ve also imprisoned a lady for criticizing Islam. I believe it’s a shadowy conspiracy by The Elders of Islam, who aim to take over the world.

Fortunately, we have brave ■■■■■■ people who are defying the forces of censorship, especially in the US.

For harsh criticism of Israel, if I want to hear that side of the story, there is a website I visit, called Mondoweiss, run by Philip Weiss and Adam Horowitz. I have a ■■■■■■ friend who is very active in Los Angeles BDS. (I don’t agree with the outlooks of these groups but I try to stay informed.) And there are others.
If I really want to read the Holocaust deniers’ arguments, I visit another site run by a ■■■■ Ron Unz, called The Unz Review. (I think he’s gone over the edge, but there is lots of interesting stuff on his site.)

So, thank God for the ■■■■■ And not just because they set an example of intellectual excellence for all of the rest of us, winning hugely more than their proportionate share of Nobel Prizes in science, the equivalent in mathematics, doing wonderful research in medicine [both vaccines for polio were discovered by ■■■■■■ contribing to the arts and music and literature, … but also because they are so quarrelsome, that there will always be at least some of them questioning the prevailing orthodoxy… even when the prevailing orthodoxy is ‘pro-■■■■■■■■

Do you mean it or are you being sarcastic?

Nobel Prize is a sham, you know.

The polio outbreak and scare, late 1950s and early 60s, were courtesy of the vaccines. It’s a matter of record.

Chagall is a childish comic artist.
Name a ■■■■■■ van Beethoven, Tchaikovsky, Shakespeare, Dostoevsky or even Edgar Allan Poe.

Well, of course.

Everyone knows that ■■■■ are actually the Lizard People in disguise.

And of course the Nobel Prizes in physics and chemistry are a sham! Those people contradict Holy Scripture! That ■■■ Charles Darwin was a atheist! Inspired by Satan. Probably a Lizard Person as well.
And of course diseases are CAUSED by vaccines! It’s all a plot by the Lizard People!

Beware … your best friend … your closest ally … could be an Elder of Zion Lizard Person in disguise!

The rays … the rays … the invisible rays …

Regardless of the stability of a country; citizens live on a thin veneer of sanity. Ya just never know. I do know the citizens who lived under the thumb of brutal dictators had one thing in common; THEY WERE UNARMED.

Yeah, and now they’re still unarmed, but due to the removal of the dictators, Islamic extremists are now the bane of the citizenry…:roll_eyes:

I never studied the Qur’an, except I skimmed a few times.
But I found no passage where it is stated that non-believers should be massacred en masse.

Historically, Islamic rulers of the Middle East encouraged their subjects to retain their ancestral faith, be it Christianity or Judaism.

The Talmud, on the other hand, clearly states that non-■■■■ are beast of burden, cattle born only to serve ■■■■ and thus have no right to own anything.

Ok, I’m not sure what point you’re attempting to make with me???

I would say any extremists are the bane of the civilized world.

True, of any religion or extreme fundamental ideology.

But we were specifically discussing the citizenry of former dictatorships.

Stasi is “Staatssicherheit” which was basically the secret police in former East Germany who spied on everything on everyone with German perfectionism.

East Germany was created and force converted to Stalinism by virtue of the military occupation by the Red Army.

Unlike North and South Korea, there was no armed conflict between East and West Germany, except a large number of East Germans were killed or captured at the artificial border, trying to escape to the west.

Another difference is that East Germany disappeared as a result of German unification.

When it comes to the US, there are several armed organizations, not to mention the US Army and National Guard, FBI and BATF. It is hard to figure out who is giving orders to these agencies.