Alabama Bill Would Criminalize False Rape Accusations


When she’s found guilty of falsely accusing someone of rape.

Some misogynist pig had the nerve to suggest wormmen should be held accountable for lying to try to ruin men’s lives.

Can you believe this level of patriarchy in current year?

AL :

A bill making it a crime to falsely accuse someone of a sexual crime was first read in the Alabama House of Representatives last week .

The bill, introduced by Rep. Dickie Drake, R-Leeds, would make falsely reporting a sex crime a Class C felony and punishable by up to 10 years in prison . If the accused is found not guilty, the accuser would be responsible for paying the accused person’s legal expenses.

It is already illegal to make a false police report in Alabama.

Of course some leftist feminazi thinks she knows better and wants to keep destroying an innocent man’s life legal and protected:

Kathleen Connolly, director of the Alabama Coalition Against Rape, said this bill would deter people from reporting sex crimes , which are already one of the most under-reported crimes.

“It’s not solving a new problem,” Connolly said. “ It is a problem if someone makes a false report, and that’s rare . It’s an effort to silence men and women who are coming forward about sexual assault. It’s an effort to make them afraid to come forward .”

No. False rape accusations are pretty common. As a general rule, you’d be safe to assume every rape accusation made in public — even if it’s made in public before going to the police — is false, as real victims tend to go to the police and avoid drawing attention to themselves.

The bill may deter women from reporting rapes if they have no proof, in which case they shouldn’t even report the rape, even if they were really raped. This thing where women “come forward” after 20 years to report some drunk finger banging or whatever and expect to be taken seriously should be discouraged, even if the drunk finger banging really did happen.



The woman should get the same time and consequences the man was looking at.

Also she should be added to a cry wolf database and be forced to register for life.

I don’t have any issue with a person, man or woman, who issues a false accusation against someone of this magnitude being labeled a criminal and punished for it. I’d also add they would have to pay for the man hours spent investigating the case.

I do, however, take issue with a person who has been raped being afraid to come forward because of this law. Rape can happen in situations where no real proof is available, such as date rape.

It is a rather difficult situation, trying to weed out the liars from the legitimate and not victimizing the legitimate a second time with a jail sentence. And as mentioned, it is already illegal to make a false police report in Alabama.

I doubt this Bill will gain any further traction.

From the article:

According to RAIN three out of four sexual assaults go unreported. According to a 2010 study by the University of Massachusetts between two and 10 percent of rape allegations are proven false.

Drake said he decided to create the bill because of a friend whose ex wife falsely accused him and his new wife of sexually abusing their kids.

I contend that abortion restrictions can prevail only when there is an exclusion for rape or incest.

I personally do not agree with punishing the unborn baby with death because of the rapist’s crime, but I know our culture cannot currently handle an abortion restriction that does not have such an exception.

Having said that, we can expect accusations of rape will increase as a tactic for continued procurement of abortions under those restrictions.

Guys – wise up. You do not have to succumb to common belief that everyone is doing it, or that morality is some relativistic concept. Brett Kavanaugh was just the tip of the iceberg. I they want to nail you, any casual “encounter” can be recast as rape decades later. And all the more so in the short term if that’s the easy way to abort a “mistake”.

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We all have fathers. We also have brothers and sons who deserve protection against false accusations.

There is nothing more abominable or reprehensible than destroying someone’s life when no crime occured.


Well said!!!

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