Ahmaud Aubrey case

I don’t understand how these men can be charged with murder or a hate crime.

They saw a black man running from a home that had a recent history of trespassing, stolen tools, they follow the thug, while on the phone with the cops, the thug attacks one the guys telling him to wait for the cops, he has a gun, he defends him self.
Do we have no right to self defense if the suspect is black?

Listen today if a white is involved with a black and the black is hurt or killed the white guy will NEVER get a fair trial ever !!! When we send no less that 12 FBI agents to investigate Bubba’s garage door closer that appeared to be a noose for a mouse and we send the biggest FBI agents to the burbs to tangle with all the mom’s because the school is trying to force feed Critical race bullshit what else do you expect from this administration ?


I’m watching this case.

  1. The DA has nothing
  2. She’s a see you next Tuesday
  3. The judge won’t allow any bad life decisions AA made to be read. He sustaining every objection this C has.

Ahmad Aubery was in that house numerous occasions at night time. He was breaking into homes all across that neighborhood.
What these guys did former law-enforcement was a heroic. I don’t understand why we are trying to persecute heroic Americans

This judge is a cuck, he just had the jury leave the court room so we could reprimand the Defense attorney, because he asked if the detective was investigating a burglary. There is absolutely no justice for American men.

Closing arguments already…

Only one defense attorney called witness. They know the state has no case… this is a travesty of massive amounts. There should have never been a trial.

I’ve avoided comment until now, but the latest story in the propaganda press pretty much says it all. They’re caterwauling about the defense noting his long, dirty toenails. Racist! But claiming that he was just a fitness nut jogging 10 miles from his home is not allowed to be challenged. What a load of BS.

He was a burglar in clodhopper shoes, not a jogger. He attacked a guy with a shotgun. Bye bye Ahmad. He could have just kept being a burglar in clodhoppers, but he probably wasn’t very good at making decisions.


If they are found not guilty I hope this sends a message to every black thug in America!! Enough!

Guilty, they’re going to prison……

Not for long and I just donated 10 thousand to their defense fund for an appeal

I call bullshit…………:roll_eyes::roll_eyes:

Yes you’re bullshit …

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Some one should punch you in the face so you would scream. If karma is rewarding with such ironies that is what should happen to you. :rofl: :rofl: :rofl:

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Fk! Their own defense team seemed happy that their client was found guilty! Holy fk!

Fk these asshats! Bunch of scumbags who is playing to the cameras!


Na I just think they wanted to go home alive … I think they did a good job… but the next judge has to allow his past record, and not have woman on the jury


Fing cowards! Their own defense team is a bunch of cucks! Pretty sickening to watch this interview! We have a very sick culture of cucks!

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No offense but this is why woman should never sit on a jury.

Men protect their neighborhoods, they are territorial, it’s natural it’s in our instincts…

If you think that mofo was jogging you’re an idiot.

He was thug he was a thief. Men are born protectors.

Woman you should just step down now
No offense to my conservative woman born with American instincts