Africans Arriving Here Are All Assumed to be Fleeing – But it's the UK That Risks Losing Out

What have Africans ever produced or invented, except for new nightmarish diseases which they produce through eating bats or their own dead?

Fact is, nothing productive comes from Africa.

An African passport is the most egalitarian of documents, in that if you have one then class, employment status and professional invitations from the country you are visiting all count for nothing. From university professors to unskilled labourers, anyone holding a passport issued by a country in Africa will be treated the same by UK border officers. They will also show no compassion for or recognition of the need for people to be reunited with family or to see friends.

In fact it’s not too far-fetched to say an African passport is a no-travel document. Even countries within Africa are miserly with each other. I am a veteran visa applicant, and I can tell you there is no respite. A European visa is as prohibitively hard to secure as one to a neighbouring African country. My Sudanese passport meant that I had to become an Olympian visa-applier in order to visit, study and settle in the UK. You can’t slouch with a passport from a country on a terror watchlist.


African professionals? They must mean the people with average IQs in the high 60s who pay money to be awarded their degrees and who continually make headlines in Western countries for malpractice.

I think every Western country is better off without them.


We don’t want Africans of any sort here. Any measure that makes it harder for them to come is welcome.


What kind of a country (continent) is it where most of the indigenous populations still believe in witchdoctors; and parents hire mature men to ‘deflower’ their daughters at a very young age; and the mothers of girl babies make them face the horror of FGM? Answer: Why Africa - where else? The Lost Continent.