African-American museum removes controversial chart linking 'whiteness' to self-reliance, decision-making

They realized it was making white people look good so they took it down lol

This shit is so blatant it’s hysterical.


Ahh yes…the evil wypipo who pay the taxes that fund the Smithsonian, which the NMAAHC, is a part of were targeted by the museum in a racially based smear campaign that backfired. God bless America.

Working hard, science, and time are all white supremacy :rofl:

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That’s a great chart. It shows those evil whites perpetuating their own cultural beliefs, traditions, and way of life in their own countries that they founded and built smdh

Is there any such thing as black culture?

Except violence, murder and parasitism.


What’s wrong with this picture?
Humans did NOT originate in Africa.

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It would be close to the farm animals and chimps for sure .