Afghans search for bodies after at least 69 killed in mosque explosions

First thought that comes to mind is the military industrial complex and a CIA covert operation at hand. Motive? The threat of US troops drawing down and eventually vacating Afghanistan! It is going on 20 years of US forces being there, which is the longest war with US troops in history. Why would the Taliban want to bomb a mosque when knowing that US forces will be leaving? Makes no sense and they either have to be incredibly stupid or this was a false flag operation with the intent to make a case for keeping US troops there!

Sounds like an Afghan problem to me.

Why does everyone forget Afghanistan war turned 18 this year and will never end probably ever at this point?

I just rounded it out to 20, but yeah that is crazy! Think about all the money spent that could have been used to build and fix infrastructure in the US?

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