Add South Jersey to this list for secession

It is an interesting movement and I hope it catches the liberal’s attention but they are too arrogant to care.

I keep saying getting the States to vote for their governor as the Electoral College works would solve one hell of a lot of problems.

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When in the hell will federal funding stop for States that violate federal laws , Sanctuary Cities , weed , and the like ? As soon as that happens TAXES will go through the roof and all the middleclass WORKERS along with businesses , jobs will vacate .

I think I hope we are going to see a lot more of this. As the left pushes harder and harder people are going to feel like they have no way of escaping the things that they are pushing so they are going to demand that they be considered independent from the left and create conditions in their own communities that reflect their values and beliefs. The left needs to back off or this is going to get ugly fast.

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The Feds recently cut off Global Access to New York travellers because NY would not forward info.

When the courts quit interfering.

That and now that they are issuing DL’s and state ID’s to illegals those are no longer “Real ID” compliant.

And we used to think courts uphold the LAW .

Trump is working on it. He’s already appointed more judges than any of his predecessors and they are trying to get a couple of hundred more seated before election day.

Very much needed. And 4 more years of appointing constitutionalists would finally fix some things.

Judge shopping has allowed states to find lib-friendly judges to stop Administration attempts at cutting off federal funds for breaking federal laws. Once the pool of traitorous judges dwindles, lib-activism like that will diminish precipitously.

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Forget everything else he’s doe he’s reshaped the judiciary for the next 40 years. If he gets reelected he’ll have the most impact of any president in history at reshaping the judiciary.

And the best the libs can do about it is whine about Garland.

Let 'em cry.

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If Trump can win and hold the senate the replacement of RBG might end up being his signiture moment. I like the sound of Trey Gowdy US Supreme Court Justice.


Well not quick enough for me .

Well you’ll just have to learn patience. Trump can only nominate them the senate has to confirm them. The bottleneck isn’t Trump’s desk, it’s in the senate Judiciary Committee.

That is the biggest fear democrats have right now. If he wins reelection he’s almost certain to get to pick her replacement and will very likely get at least one more appointment to the SCOTUS before leaving office.

RBG may have made a fatal decision for the Dems in betting on HRC. She could have exited as a liberal icon during Barry’s last term and insured another women ■■■■■■ replacement.

Now it appears odds on that she will depart at last breath as a Trump enabler.


Her most likely replacements would have been female, gay and either black or Hispanic.

Obama couldn’t care less about the ■■■■■■ Lobby.