Actor Robert Conrad Passes Away

The guardian angel of downed pilots!

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My mom watched the rest of the Wild Wild West episode and then went to the hospital to have me.

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Did she tell you what episode? Did she name you “Jim” or “Artemis”?

One hell of a rescue flying boat but an even more impressive multi role aircraft.’

They performed an amazing array of missions from rescue to level, dive, and torpedo bombers.

They were one of the most important elements in the anti Uboat campaign in the N. Atlantic early on because of their long range and payload capacity which exceeded just about all of the bombers available in 40- early/mid 42.

No and no.

But my dad did try to sneak Venclouse Erislovial past her … she saved me from being a 'Clouse or Venny.

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Thx, I was not aware that the PBY was used in any sort of bomber or torpedo missions.

They actually had several confirmed kills on subs and surface craft in both the Atlantic and Pacific.

Several of Boyington’s boys ended up taking a ride on them in rescue missions as well.

They were also essential in supplying as wels as insertions/ex fitrations of coast watchers and Both Army and MC special ops guys and were heavily used for same throughout the island hopping campaigns as well as keeping the resistance going in The Philippines.

A truly amazing aircraft flow by amazing brave men. Without them the battles of Coral Sea, Midway, and the Mariana’s campaigns could have gone very badly particularly for downed fliers and those trying to locate Japanese fleet movements.

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Continuing in the same vein, the Gruman N703 “Goose” was another plane that I also liked alot.


Interesting wing angles on these “flying boats”’ Obviously designed to give maximum lift in rough seas. Great flix, y’all - Thanks.


I just love the sound of these engines, smooth running.