Activism Against the Gay Lobby in Aarhus, Denmark


Danish activists recently took corrective action against a homo lobby bench in Ceres Park, Aarhus

The homo lobby’s pressure to spread all that is unnatural and decadent to every corner of our community led to a bench in Ceres Park, Aarhus, being painted in the hostile homo lobby’s colors earlier this year.

The Nordic Resistance Movement is strongly opposed to the normalization and promotion of homosexual/pedophile tendencies.

Activists from Nest 3 in Denmark therefore corrected the color of the bench so normal people can once again sit on it without being reminded of unnatural lifestyles and corrupt behavior.






Brilliant. It’s simple and non-destructive things like this that send these degenerate leftists into orbit.

Bring a few guys, grab some paint, reflective vests, and hard hats. Someone walk around nearby with a clipboard. Correct things in broad daylight.


They should be recognized for their volunteer community beautification efforts. That bench looks classy.

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I don’t think they could even get them on vandalism since they improved the bench so significantly.

Good. If you can have gay activists then why can’t you have anti-gay activists. After all, good normal people still know that homosexuals engage in acts of perversion and suffer from a mental disorder, despite whatever the liars on the Left say.

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