Absolutely Demonic: Drag Queen Simulates Fake Abortion in NYC Bar

Thanks to the (((Satanists))) running the country, every day is Halloween in America…

But understand, like the crotch display incident, the clown make-up and hair, and the cariacature sexual padding of the costumes, this video just shows how much trannies actually HATE women, a hatred born of the deepest envy.

Because real women are the rivals for male sexual attention, and they can give to men what the trannies never can - children and a loving family. So the trannies work hard to denigrate the image of the female in the eyes of men, in the hope of killing male desire for women.

And that suits (((their))) agenda just fine. Because they’ve been working hard to make young women masculine, turning them into hardened sluts with a homosexual lifestyle and outlook, so that their gentleness and lovingness is destroyed, and fewer white families formed. So this atttack on femininity from mentally ill and hateful homosexual men is most welcomed by them, and promoted by them, because they know that such parodies will have a deeply troubling effect on young psyches.

Personally, I welcome the crotch displays, the grinding on kids, and the celebration of abortion - the more these demons show their true nature, the better for us. Accelerate.


This is beyond just being edgy. No one with any empathy at all towards babies could EVER act out something so depraved. I hate seeing things so anger inducing before bed. Lock this freak up.

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WTF? Couldn’t even watch all of it. This demonic ■■■ should be thrown off a rooftop, forthwith.

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Ladies and gentlemen, may I present to you the modern Democratic Party.

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This is a big schism among the far-left right now. I think it’s far more protracted and acrimonious than anything you see among the far-right. I’m not aware of Nationalists nailing dead rodents to their opponents’ property like trannifa are doing at women’s shelters who refuse to take in trannys.

The TERFs are fighting the losing side of this battle because of this. And yes, you certainly see this with (((female comedians))) like (((Sarah Silverman))) and (((Amy Schumer))) whose entire acts consist of vulgar anecdotes about how promiscuous they are, and how they can out-raunch their male counterparts.

They have to do stuff like this, because they rely on being “shocking” to validate their existence. That’s also why they won’t stop until they’re stopped by force–everything they do has to be more shocking than the last thing they did, or they won’t get the validation they must have.

Just more proof that the foundational motivation for every sodomite is a burning hatred for Jesus Christ.

Just like the Bible says.

The Bible tells us that a sodomite becomes a sodomite by, first, rejecting God – and then, as a consequence, God rejects them and “gives them over to vile affections”.

The Bible calls sodomites “reprobates” – which means “rejected by God”.

Sodomites will never be saved.

That’s why you’ll never read in the Bible about Jesus welcoming sodomites to hang out with Him, like he did with every other type of sinner, like tax collectors, prostitutes, etc.

The only thing that sodomites do is corrupt and destroy your society on their way to Hell.

Which is why the Bible tells us that sodomites are to be executed.

We foolishly stopped following God’s command to execute sodomites.

And now look where we are.