Abrar Omeish, the Daughter of a Terror-Connected Muslim, Won a Seat on the Fairfax County School Board in Virginia

This is the demographic shift that the left is laughing about. Unless something is done expect to be ruled by invaders and be forced to accommodate and adapt to their way of life.

Just wait, before too long we will be hearing reports of the Muslim call to prayer blasting over the school PA system - and anyone who doesn’t observe and get their ass in the air will be charged with a hate crime. I’m tired of winning. How about you?


They have invaded and spread like roaches. It’s the Muslims and the illegals. They all need to be rounded up and deported back where the came from. I am so tired of this shit. Something needs to be done here.


All those children should prepare to be culturally enriched. This is what the parents voted for. They better not bitch and complain. Those who didn’t vote for this should be calling the realtor and preparing to move.


So, when the US collapses will Virginia and Minnesota team up or attack one another?


Here’s her daddy, the filthy terrorist, hanging out with none other than Tim Kaine.

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The first thing to go will be taking all pork items off the lunch menu. Next parents will have to buy prayer rugs for their children and hijabs for their daughters.
Allah Hu Akbar!!!

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Visited Fairfax county last May - I wasn’t familiar with the changes but the natives were furious - pointing out new Korean sections, Muslim sections, etc. And, according to them, it happened very very fast.

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Google this:

Tim Kaine + Discover the Networks + Islamists

Team up at the early stages of the conquest.

We already have.

We dont dare criticize, or even discuss, the Islamization of America.

This is disgusting! If her father feels this way then the apple doesn’t fall far from the tree and she will try to implement the craziest aspects of radical Islam in the schools. She shouldn’t be on a school board…she should be ok a terror watch list!

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I liked your comment.

But, please consider a different perception.

According to Bill Warner at PoliticalIslam.com, there is no “radical Islam.”

Muslims must either obey the Koran, Hadith and Sira or they are in Jahiliya.

And then the question becomes, who can decide the real Islamic doctrine?

And it is those who can cite chapter and verse of the Sira.

The fundamentalists.

And the fundamentalists can intimidate the shirkers to obey the literalist view, the originalist view.