A Very Disturbing Story About Chinese Espionage!

As I was learning of this story, a few years ago when the USS Fitzgerald was mysteriously involved in a collision with a cargo ship, and recently the USS McCain where the death of 10 sailors happened in 2017 as a result, the hush, hush of further reporting as to the reasons why soon followed and very little was said. An investigation was in the works and was discovered the connection of both ships were compromised with the technologies that this company employed with DOD contracts were used and is now being charged. I knew about this from a source close to me, but nothing was said further due to the sensitive nature of the ongoing investigation, now this story confirms what my theories at the time was to be true. Just as the Richard Donoghue US attorney for the Eastern Distric of New York lays out, our entire infrastructure has been compromised by software and hardware made by Peoples Republic of China.

Excerpt from the Story:

A New York-based security products company and seven of its employees are being charged with fraud, money laundering and illegal importation of equipment manufactured in China.

Several U.S. agencies, including the FBI and the IRS, allege that Aventura Technologies Inc. falsely claimed that its products were made in the U.S. and also misrepresented itself as a woman-owned small business in order to gain access to federal contracts set aside for those businesses.

“Aventura imports its products from other manufacturers, primarily manufacturers located in [China], at times with false ‘Made in the U.S.A.’ labels already affixed to the products or displayed on their packaging,” a Justice Department court filing said.

Officials say Aventura’s actions endangered military personnel on U.S. Navy ships and military bases by selling them Chinese products with known cybersecurity vulnerabilities.

No coincidence either!