A very brief summary of the student loan scam in the US

There are books and … the internet, where you can get as much history, philosophy, and psychology that one can absorb, without being forced to pay through the teeth for them, wasting both time and money where the (engineering) student can take classes on subject that really need institutional resources, for example a chemistry laboratory course.

Forced learning is never productive. In hindsight, I learned more about American history from a book I picked up for $2 at a local Goodwills story than I did a $2000 history class that I was forced to take in order to graduate. I dont know about back then, but back when I was doing my undergrad, the class list was limited only to a handful subjects, either by design (to culturize the students) or by necessity, and your scheduling conflict also come into play (and for some reason, African History came up a lot).

My $0.02.

You’ll end up paying one way or the other. Whether that’s today or thirty years from now, you’ll pay.