A Strange Speech by Nancy Pelosi to the NAACP

I have to say this is a rather strange speech on the premise of “resist we much” and can’t really get my head around this one, as this is the weirdest thing I have seen come from Nancy in recent times! The Botox is taking its toll and she may be the reason why African Americans are finally waking up to the Democrats plantation game!


And this my friends is the Speaker of the House and the the leader of the Democrat Party. The best they have…next to the Communist Fraud Squad. How can anyone call themselves a Democrat today and not be completely ashamed?


One should be able to understand the Speaker of the House when they are speaking. Yikes.


And not a better case for term limits !!! My God what a wreck ! :mask:


I had the news on the other night and I couldn’t help but thinking that the entire political establishment in the United States of America resembles an old folks home. These people should have retired a decade ago.


Stick a fork in her, she’s done. She can make all the Botox appointments she wants. Botox isn’t going to fix this hot mess. Her brain is scrambled.


Honestly listening to her and looking at her mouth she looks and sounds like someone who’s just had dental work and hasn’t gotten over the Novocaine yet or someone who’s had a mild stroke.

She’ll be reelected overwhelmingly if she runs in 2020 and reelected speaker if democrats hold the house as well.

She is nearing the end and she has lost control of her party to the emergence of the the Jihad squad! She represents the old guard of the party that is being taken over by the social democrats!

She’s still the most powerful Democratic Office Holder in the country.

The four little upstarts are catching a whole lot of press but they have no real power within the party or the caucus.

Yeah, AOC will replace her as speaker right after the summer recess.

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Damn Samm, I hurt myself on that one.


I seriously doubt that, but your point is noted! What I will say though, the Democratic Party is divided between two coalitions in a fight for the death!

Seems as though your sarcasm detector meter is broken. You ought to get that fixed before someone gets hurt. :stuck_out_tongue:

Sarcasm right back at ya seal eater!

To some extent, so is the GOP.

That is true and was thinking the same when I posted that comment!

Yeah, your response post was dripping with sarcasm. :stuck_out_tongue: