A Story about Boeing's Guilt?

Getting the details ahead of the curve from RT.com. Is this story another indication of Trump’s malfeasance?

And Airbus laughs all the way to the bank. And no signs in sight that the 737 max will get airborne again any time soon. What a leg up for the new version of the A320 this is becoming. Boeing better start learning that it’s a bad idea to cut corners in safety to save a few bucks to make itself more competitive.

So now Russian Television is a reliable source?

RT.com is an alternative source of information to US propaganda. I recommend Al Jazeera too.

This story is so interesting because it could have damaged Boeing’s reputation at a crucial time. Boeing rushed out the 737 max in order to beat the EU’s newest version of the A320. And there’s no indication of Boeing getting theirs back in the air any time soon.

Not to mention, the big companies have lost confidence in Boeing and are about to start suing Boeing’s ass off over this fiasco.

What do you and Fox noise think?

I am not an aeronautical or avionics engineer, but I do have a background in engineering; and I do understand what kinematics means. Any aircraft that relies on computers, sensors, automatic navigation systems, etc. ( and no doubt most do ), should have a bypass system that allows the pilot to take complete physical control ( of critical functions ) of the aircraft, in the event of an emergency. Would it, could it, make a difference in life - death situations; I cannot say 100%. But would it or could it hurt; I see no reason why.

“Do it now - fix it later”. It’s typical corporatism, not just in America. “Let the sheep be the beta testers. People die all the time, who cares. We have an army of lawyers to defend us.” - typical executive thinking.

I agree that it’s not just in America but it’s at it’s worst in America. And the US under Trump’s guidance, is trying to impress it’s lack of social values on the rest of the world. Americans in general, and especially the patsies that howl about how great Trump is, are taken in by short term success and have not idea of how Trump is hurting the US in the longer term.

The US is an easy victim for a psychopath like Trump. The American people, mainly of the US south, are immersed in racism due to them never being able to get over their civil war loss.

How is this … Trump’s fault again? Since when has Boeing been a state-owned enterprise?
Go to your own source, press ctrl + f, type “trump”, and tell me what comes up.

It just keeps piling up. Trump has not even finished defending himself for being responsible for sinking the Titanic, & causing the Black Plague. Please, one thing at a time. Maybe Boeing shouldn’t have allowed Trump to design the 737.


This was an example of third world airlines trying to save money being responsible for under trained pilots causing pilot error accidents.

Don’t think so, read the news stories about the Lion Air crash.

Oh, yes, I was, retired now, pilot.

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A lot of modern aircraft cannot be flown at all absent the computers constantly making adjustments to the pilot’s input.

The F-117 and B-2 are the most obvious examples but we keep getting further and further away from stick/rudder flight and becoming ever more on computers to keep them in the air.

Personally I think that direction needs some serious reconsideration.

What a steaming pile, the plane was in development and fielded before Trump was ever elected.

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The Boeing 737 max 8 has such a system. Flipping one switch turns off the MCAS instantly.

The F-117 cannot be flown 100% manually. The plane is extremely unstable and requires continual senor monitoring and nearly instantaneous response of the computer controlled flight systems for the pilot to be able to fly it. If the computer fails, the plane will be uncontrollable and likely break up in flight (from the aerodynamic forces) within seconds. The B-1 is a little better, but if the flight computer failed, the crew would have a very difficult time bringing it in for a safe landing.

Your extreme hatred of Trump has no pertinence to the Boeing 737 max situation. If you want to spew shit about Trump, there are plenty of other threads where you can do that to your hearts content. Leave it out of this thread please.


I took a huge one this morning and my toilet was clogged. This is an obvious and blatant fault of the sitting president for diverting funds from the American people to fund his silly fences for no apparently reason beside killing off exotic frogs and separating ethnic indians making money delivery K0sher weeds ™ accross the borders to fund their children’s MIT education that wasnt paid in full (almost tho, about 99% was paid by the unearned tax money from the 1% rich) by the racist institution that is Ben Franklin’s America, a slave owner!!!


Which is more bull shit on your part. This plane was developed and fielded before Trump ever took office.

Trump had absolutely zero effect on its development, fielding, or pilot training.

Stop lying, stop trolling.

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The B-1 would be difficult to fly without the computers, the B-2 would be impossible. It’s an incredibly unstable aircraft requiring thousands of micro adjustments per minute to even keep it in the air.

“Never heard of a door blowing out before on one of these tests. I worked at Boeing for 30 years and saw the quality of the work force decline in recent years. Everybody spends more time on their cell phones, than doing the job they were hired for. Work ethics have spiraled down hill”

Boeing 777 x door blows out during test

How does a door that is designed to open in, before being swung out, blow out?