A spit in the face to all Christians in America

The White house, including the Governor of New York decided to designate this Easter Sunday, a religious holiday, a day that is the most holiest in the Christian Calendar as transgender day.

This is not only a new level of attack on our values and what we believe in but one that is signifying that the left is upping the ante in this culture war in which they are trying to provoke further in order to solicit a reaction. This is not OK and its a spit in the face to every Christian in America and around the world. Totally disgraceful and we shouldn’t be OK with this!

Christians and Conservatives need to start standing up and say enough is enough! This type of behavior from our so called leaders shouldn’t be acceptable or tolerated under any circumstances!

A Message from Patrick Bet David


How many transgenders are there and what’s their percentage?

Sheep really need to wake up.

0.1% of the population? Yes this should be a wake up call!

This was next level shit at saying FU to conservatives. Where is Mike Johnson’s reaction? Isn’t he supposed to be a Christian? Crickets! :rage:

What is their big accomplishments sucking and licking ? Is that award worthy ? :see_no_evil: :hear_no_evil: :speak_no_evil:

FDNY firefighters forced to remove flag honoring 9/11 heroes after lefty pol questioned if it’s a ‘political symbol’


Yeah I don’t understand his silence either. And yes he is suppose to be a Christian, so his lack of leadership is astounding and a big disappointment!

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What did we replace our values with?

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From kindergarten through 6th grade we said the Pledge of Allegiance and The Lord’s Prayer to start the day. This country has fallen a long way away from those days. My generation definitely has to take some responsibility for the shit show this country has become, but my generation (for the most part) are respectful of others, work for a living, have manners and grew up with a moral compass. I’ll take the way I grew up any day over the contemptible shit we have now.


Today’s genderbending freaks object to everything . From pronouns to traditions . Let’s take a knee for good old George Floyd and dress in that nasty African grab .

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They did this on purpose! This reeks of Obama’s finger prints all over the place! This is his and others who served under him their MO. Go after Christians, family, conservatives by attacking their robes of society. Right out of Antonio Gramsci’s playbook!


Biden proves he’s completely out of touch with reality.


Yep, the great divider and his male tranny ( I HATE AMERICA) SMELLY TURD !


He is fked! He just voted for more aid to Ukraine! Another RINO!

He certainly had me fooled. Before becoming speaker he was one I always thought highly of: who presented his counter arguments with a common sense but well articulated approach. So now Mike Johnson is becoming the case study of “until you know a person’s heart they will always appear like a book cover that misleads with malicious intent.” Legalese speak!

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