A solution to San Frans problems with needles and feces. Follow Denvers example

Denver Says Business Owners Must Clean Up Homeless Poop, Dirty Needles

November 19, 2019

If you think you’re having a rough day – wait until you hear about Jawaid Bazyar.

Mr. Bazyar owns a business in the Five Points neighborhood of Denver – a nice place to run a business until the Democrats took charge of things.

Mr. Bazyar says the are has been overrun by homeless people and drug addicts. Tells the local television station that his alleyway has become a de-facto bathroom. Piles of human waste – and dirty needles.

“The wall is a bathroom stall. They lean up against it and let it rip,” he told television station FOX31. “In downtown Denver, that’s nonstop now, just piles of poop.”

He said they call the police – sometimes up to 10 times a day – but nothing ever gets done. All the while, Mr. Bazyar and his workers are bullied and harassed and threatened by the druggies and homeless.

“I’ve been chased with a 2-by-4, a knife, a pipe. A man bashed in my windshield with a rock,” said staffer Tamara Chapman.

So you can imagine his anger the other day – when he received a citation from the city of Denver.

According to the Department of Health – Mr. Bazyar is responsible for cleaning up all that human waste and disposing of the dirty needles.

“Because it’s a bio-hazard. It could be infectious. I didn’t hire these people to clean poop off the ground. I can’t, as an employer, just say, ‘Go and clean up the feces’,” Bazyar said. “I’m not the one doing this, and they won’t do anything about the people committing the crimes, but I’m the one who’s easy to find and easy to punish.”

That’s right folks – instead of punishing the people pooping in the streets – the city of Denver has decided to punish the law-abiding business owners.

I wonder if there not some way to be able to block it off? Hard to tell from the video but it looked like a small parking lot that is partially enclosed.

If I owned a business in Denver and the city told me that I was now responsible for cleaning up their mess…but didn’t tell me how to clean it up…I would get very creative.

Standing on the roof with ice cold buckets of water might be a good start. Sure, it would result in some sleepless nights but splash those dirty drug addicts a few times and they will find somewhere else to go.

What happened to Denver?

I was last there 10 years ago and it was a beautiful and clean city. The drivers were absolutely terrible but other than that we had a wonderful time!

Standing on the roof with a varmint rife is also good.


Walking out the front door with a cocked .38 Special would do the trick too.

Just when you think the left has finally hit bottom something like this appears from the city.

It’s an alley and cannot be blocked as the fire department would not have access.

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Yes the drivers are a challenge. Driving 75 with less than a car length between cars is the new game. We frequently have multi car accidents the block the freeways.

Denver was once a great city however the homeless have taken over many areas of the downtown with tent cities in areas in the cities. The park in the city is a great gathering place for the homeless and the police avoid the place.

It’s interesting as the homeless are much younger thanks to the POT legalization. Hey can I have you left overs is the new opening statement followed by hay, do you have 5 dollars for dimmer later?

5 points is in the process of gentrification and is becoming a nice place however the homeless refuse to leave the area.

Sounds like you guys need a mayor like Rudy Giuliani. New York City used to be a really terrible place because of all the crime and homelessness. The stuff that everyone is freaking out about now happened to New York City back in the 70’s and 80’s. When Giuliani came in he made the police crackdown on all of it. The homeless weren’t allowed to sleep on the streets anymore and he made sure that the cops kept them moving along. Then when the homeless tried to spread to other parts of the state, like the suburban areas, the cops in those places wouldn’t tolerate it either. The homeless had to either live in the shelters that were provided for them or get out.

A Police Commissioner like Rizzo. “Of one group of anti-police demonstrators, he is reported to have said, ‘When I’m finished with them, I’ll make Attila the Hun look like a ■■■■■■■■■

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