A Simple Message for the World At Large


Amen to that! God Bless You and your family.

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That’s absolutely right. I pray three times a day - morning, noon, and night.

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I have to disagree, real men dont rely on some godly figure, they take control of their own lives.

People us God to explain away their failures. Dont get that job, its not your fault it was part of Gods plan.

What lunacy.

And yes I do believe in God but I dont believe he really has any interest in our day to day lives.

You posted a very common view.

Interesting that you would refer to other beliefs as “lunacy”.

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It is not lunacy to have faith and adhere to a religion. It is lunacy to explain away every failure or success in life down to gods plan.

Too many people use religion as a convenient way of absolving themselves of responsibility.

Too many people use race as a convenient way of absolving themselves of responsibility.

There, I fixed it for you :wink:

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And it’s not lunacy to blame everyone and everything for your failures in life?

The people I know who believe that God is in our daily life use that fact to give thanks for our blessings and even for the trials we face.

Sorry that your circle of acquaintances is of another ilk.

Let me get this right, if my child gets seriously ill I should give thanks to God? What sort of fucked up religion is that?

If I apply for a job and am not successful that was down to me for not being the best candidate , likewise if I am successful that is down to me for being the best candidate.

People who believe God is crafting each and every incident and event in their life are having God as a crutch.

I can repeat too…

Have you ever heard of the book of Job, in the bible? I think it is there you will find your answer.

Job was put through numerous trials and lost almost everything he had. Yet in the end, he remained faithful. Job learns patience, and gratitude after he speaks to God. Sometimes those bad times happen to make us appreciate the good times. God knows what he is doing, and it is important to trust in Him.


No you are thinking about this wrong. First if you doubt your own beliefs then you were never a true believer and thus can’t experience the true miracles that such true believers experience. The whole purpose of believing is to operate on a frequency of positive energy as opposed to a negative one. To operate on a frequency of positive energy you are able to unlock your potential by looking at your self truthfully, and once you can do that then you can take corrective action according to “God’s” will to become the better human being that such God is guiding you to be. You are reading into the Christian belief with condescension and disbelief and misinterpreting the language itself. "God helps those who helps themselves is not encouraging believers to be using Christianity as a crutch. So you are incorrect in your assumptions!

You’re a bit twisted about.

If that were true people would say its my own positive thinking that helped me get that job or win that race but they don’t.

I subscribe to the power of self belief but it is not connected to God. I know a number of aethists that talk about the power of self belief so for them it has nothing to do with tapping into God.

OK so your an atheists and that explains why you choose to attack people of faith. IMO, you attack others belief in something also means that you are discontent with some aspect of your own belief in life therefore you need to project! You are no Padawan just another person on this planet who will never realize their true capabilities.

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Because I know aethists that means I do not believe in God? If you had bothered to read this entire thread you would have read what I posted previously about my beliefs.

I am not attacking anyones belief just pointing out God has little interest in the day to day goings on of every human.

How can you consider yourself to be a believer if you are allowing atheists to influence your beliefs?
It sounds to me that you are confused. You can’t be both! You either are a believer or you are not!

You have to have faith. There are times you can see God’s work in your life. There are times when you feel God has abandoned you because of horrible things going on in your life. Some seem too much to bear and in those times it is easy to doubt your faith.

But, God never abandons you. He created you for a reason and a purpose. The things that happen, both good and bad, shape you into becoming more and allow you to help others find their way as well.

God never promised being a Christian would make your life easy. What He promised was eternal life. What he promised was never to abandon you. You may never have all that you want, but with God you will always have all that you need.

And, he does show you miracles even today.