A Quick Message from Tomi Lahren to Political Bullpen

She’s a real cutie.

Congrats @Patriot

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Tomi Jitss here , just want to say I love you! Call me! Thanks

Tomi Just want time say you can DM me I won’t tell anyone… thanks

2A Militia Rally January 20, 20. We Patriots are right next door in Maryland.

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I am so glad I found this place. I’ve had it with going to Facebook jail and getting my account suspended on Twitter just for posting my views. We need to stop supporting the big tech companies that want to silence us.


I don’t do Facebook or Twitter. Never seemed to make sense to me.

If I want you to know what is going on in my life, I’ll tell you face to face.

I agree with you that the big tech companies are silencing the views they don’t support.

So, the answer is simple: don’t support them. Don’t be a sheep. :wink:

Welcome to the board. :+1:


Yup. Someone dropped a link here on a FB group I was in and instantly got banned and the link got scrubbed. That’s when I came over. Thanks FB!


That’s good info to have. Thanks for letting us know. We were getting a lot of traffic from Facebook until they decided that we were no longer allowed on their platform. Of course, that was after they took our advertising dollars and have not returned it.


Facebook and Twitter are for low-intelligence people who can sum up their superficial opinions (for what they’re worth?) in a few characters. I was suspended after a week or two for using what would appear to be the only ‘rude word’ which isn’t allowed on Twitter, and have never returned. So Twitter’s loss is PB’s gain? lol

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Just out of curiousity … what is Twitter’s only banned ‘rude word’?

Apparently it’s the ‘c’ word. It seems to be banned on all social media sites, especially messageboards - don’t ask me why though; I mean it’s only a word?

I detest and used to report the use of that word. It is considered by many to be THE most derogatory term that can be applied to women. Women do not deserve denigration for anything short of murder. (Murder includes using abortion as a firm of birth control.)

Women should be respected and acknowledged as the givers of life to all humans are alive.

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In a way I can understand that you believe ‘the fair sex’ would be sensitive to it, but they’re not. On one occasion when I was part-time taxi driving many years ago, I called to collect a fare outside a dance venue: on arrival there was a bunch of females having an almighty argument, and they were using the word derogatively against one another like it was going out of fashion. As I said - it’s only a word plus it’s a bit bizarre that a male should take more exception to it than a female?