A National Poll Shows Trump Beating Every Potential Democrat in 2020

oh this crap again!



Little whiney tonight.

Must be the polls where the majority no longer support Trumps impeachment.

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I don’t argue polls much, but they almost always have sample groups weighted more heavily to Democrats, which is why they often are wrong, especially on Trump. And the errors always only go one way - against Trump and the Republicans.

If the polls show things going Trump’s way, even with all of the bias baked in against him, it’s a really bad sign for the libs.

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As I have said many times polls are subjective at best and good for the moment they are taken.

To many factors people polling, the agency polling, demographics of those polled, etc.

But in this case, I stated it to irritate monte.

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After that horrendous debate last night I don’t see how the man can lose unless the Dems send every single illegal and dead person to the polls.

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Don’t forget the Russians who came here illegally & voted for Trump. They must be prevented from doing it again.

The liberal election day mantra: BRING OUT YOUR DEAD.

Why are you guys given to conspiracy theories?

Don’t forget the votes of dead Russians. Every vote should count.


Want free, vote for me is a sure winner for the dems.

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LMAO !!! You ran with the Russian dossier and Trump ending up in prison … :grinning: :grinning: :grinning:

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But…but…but…what about Affirmative Action!! :rofl:

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Bernie Sanders climate change Price tag: $16.3 trillion over 10 year Bernie Sanders’ “Medicare for all” plan would boost government health spending by $32.6 trillion over 10 years .
And finally Healthcare for ILLEGALS 700 billion.

FREE, FREE ,FREE ,FREE …………………………….

Allow me to blow free out of the water. What is the definition of the word free?

Definition of free. not costing or charging anything

BUT DEMS HAVE MONEY TREES GROWING IN EVERY YARD . :grinning: :grinning: :grinning:

Yes, they pander to those that pay nothing on the backs of the 50% paying the bills.