A crack forming on the left? Perhaps

Rep. Steve Scalise demanded Nancy Pelosi resume negotiations with President Trump Friday or step aside entirely; saying she should “authorize someone else” to spearhead budget talks with the White House.



Pelosi will listen when AOC protests outside of her office and tells her to negotiate with Trump. Until then, I don’t expect Pelosi to come to the table.

That won’t happen anyway. AOC would have to find the right building first.


A voice of reason. I hope more jump on board with asking her to step aside.

A republican is critical of the Dem speaker?

How is that a ‘crack on the left’?

Wondering that too ? I think Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez will destroy the left and make millions jump ship to the true party .

It is a matter of how it was said. These congressional critters talk to each other and I am sure he is speaking for many dems in congress that do not want to end up in trouble but want re-elected.

I don’t see any cracks on the left but a hardening on the right. The GOP has trained its politicos well, with numerous harsh lessons.

Seriousness of purpose is severely punished.
Rigid adherence to the wish lists of the Plutocracy and (now) White Nationalists is mandatory.

It is not enough to passively support the agenda, one must actively advocate for it at all times or be primaried and destroyed by right-wing media which mysteriously seems to read from the same script all the time (cf Cantor), be denied funds, and even be destroyed by dark money smear campaigns.

And then there is wing-nut welfare, the importance of which cannot be overstated. It is post-modern ex post facto bribery and anyone in right wing politics now is looking to cash in. They review your whole record before punching your meal ticket. Deviations from strict obedience will be viewed harshly.

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One name, Alexandria Ocasio- Cortez, should tell you there are cracks but believe me, they do have cracks forming.

I feel the DNC may split

You seriously need psychological help.

Human beings with any type of conscience can only go along with the leftist wing nuts before saying enough is enough.

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