A Christmas Story

An acquaintance/friend of mine, a Vietnam vet, sent me (and others on his mailing list of conservatives) this story a few minutes ago. i thought people here would be interested:

Today while running errands I stopped by an Aldi store to get a bunch of
flowers for my wife, since she’s stuck in the spare bedroom on the
special bed while recovering, adding a bit of pleasant color for her
there is just one of those things that seems like a good idea.

Of course there was a long line to get to the cashier. The person ahead
of me turned and saw the flowers, said hi, and asked how I was doing. A
nice conversation ensued, talking about Christmas, its real meaning, the
blessings of getting up every day in a free country. And I explained why
I was buying flowers for my wife who is healing from serious surgery, at
which point the nice person immediately recited a prayer for healing. As
we got closer to the cashier my Marine emblem was noticed, and I was
asked if I had served, and was immediately thanked very sincerely for my
service. As the checkout total was recited for all that was on the belt
in front of my flowers, my nice person instructed the cashier to add the
flowers into that total, and would not take no for an answer from me.

It was very touching, made me feel humble, brought a tear to my eye.

And details, details… did I mention this person was a young Black
woman? Who did not seem to see me as an old White man, but only as
another person celebrating what is good about Christmas and our nation.
That’s my America, the one I believe in and love.

I am so sick of all the people screaming about how we are immersed in
racism almost every moment, how we have so much polarization, how we all
only pretend to get along, at best, etc, etc. Yes, we have negatives in
our society, who doesn’t? But we have an abundance of just good, decent,
caring people who do their best to rise above the negatives, and live up
to the ideals on which we were founded. I say Thank God for them, I
rejoice in knowing they are there, and I find renewed hope for us all.
And I wanted to pass that on, as part of the message of Christmas.



That’s called a God Wink. Must have been a year ago; I was at grocery store checkout, and my debit card would not scan ( $99.00 bill ); and a young girl behind me offered to pay for my order. True story. After cleaning the strip, the card did work; but still, another God Wink.

I need to go find this Aldi because the one by me is filled with nothing but Somalis and Guatemalans. I bet I know what the common denominator in this situation is.

Normally I dislike everyone equally; but I do take into account those who are polite & thoughtful. It just can’t be all bad, even to the most cynical. It’s a very short trip; and the clock is wound just once.

Yeah - this story comes from a place that is primarily populated by the European diaspora. We aren’t allowed to have that anymore.

It appears to me that white Christians are allowing their destruction (along with Christmas) to happen.

I’m waiting for some liberal toadies to complain that the term, “White Christmas”, is racist.

Excellent story…