61-Year-Old Disabled Man Demonstrates EXACTLY “Why You Need an AR-15”

This is awesome! A disabled man defends his home against 4 would be robbers and they live to regret it! It’s stories like these that bring a tear to my eye.


Myself, I’m a shotgun person. image


That would definitely leave a mark! Ouch!

Many exotic shotgun rounds.

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Randy Weaver is the answer to why does anybody need an AR-15.

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It’s amazing at the speed an AR-15 can clean up the gene pool. So easy handicapped people can do it.

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Ooo, I bet those are expensive!

A great idea but it didn’t prove to work in testing.

Nothing more dangerous than an old man with nothing left to lose or really to live for who refuses to be pushed or victimized.

Good job old man!

Old man? He’s 11 years younger than I am. :face_with_raised_eyebrow:

Easy to handle and Pretty light too!

That kinda depends. I hve two long range AR’s in .260 Rem with 1" diameter 24 and 26" barrels that are real buggers to pack around coming in at 15 and 16lbs.

My S&W M&P 15’s though swing like fly swatters. The Sig 516 and 716’s are some where in the middle.

My brother has some .556 SBR’s and “pistols” are almost as quick and easy to handle as the average full size 5’s carry guns.

Only 7 older than me.

Who? Him or me?

The other guy.

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