60-Year-Old Man Dies After Being Mugged for $1 on Christmas Eve

Who would fatally beat a man to death for $1 ?
This is pretty low.

Happened in the Bronx. Glad I don’t live in that neighborhood.

I’d call them “feral humans” but I’d then have to admit they are human.

They are the product of broken homes and a broken society.


  1. If you’re in a rough neighborhood- get to your car fast.
  2. Don’t go into rough neighborhoods.
  3. Certain people are thugs- PC or not, they just are.

What utter drivel! There are probably thousands who are from broken homes and societal outcasts, but they don’t all go around killing the weakest in society for a few dollars do they? These scumbags were obviously out of their minds on substances. You really are so naive!

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Almost 90% of violent felons come from single mothers in the hood.

That is a broken home and a broken society.

It isn’t an excuse, it’s just a fact.


Your statement that 90% of violent felons come from “the hood” and a broken home simply cannot be proven.

Not all felons, violent felons.

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Provide a link to the research that provides evidence of your 90% claim otherwise as usual its just TWR pulling a statistic from up his ass.

I didn’t realize you found my ass so interesting.

Keep your queer fantasies to yourself.

You can start here.

When you get done run the numbers on these cities relative to broken homes.

90% of our violent crime comes from the hundred most densely populated zip codes in America’s cities.

Continuing. Violent felons are an extremely small number of people in reality with only 1% of the population being violent felons.

A quarter of them are repeat offenders and the hardest of the hardened violent offenders are gang bangers.

A very high percentage of these repeat offenders are from broken homes.


Between fifty and 95% depending on the city of all felons are coming from “da hood”, the broken society.

This requires a subscription to read it so unless your willing to let me use your log in information its a useless link. Why do I get the feeling you just did a quick google search?

Bit sensitive about your sexuality arent you. Why make a jab at me because i used a cliched phrase. The fact you took it literally tells me a lot. Its nearly 2020 no need to deny yourself the love of a good man that it seems you crave. I know a lot of couples in loving stable strong and healthy relationships. But I digress happy to give you more advice via PM if you want.

No one is arguing that broken homes are not a factor but the links you have provided do not Back up your statement that almost 90% of violent felons come from single moms in the hood.

Admit it you made up the statistic and now are trying to find data to support the claim. You made the statement therefore you need to provide proof of the statistic.

So far you have failed which is a common theme for your posts.

Ya, you can go to hell before I’ll giving you any login info.

I did do a quick search, I don’t write down everything I hear or learn through the day and keep it in a file.

I hear facts and figures relative to crime though daily as part of what I do and I’m smart enough to look them up again when needed.

I didn’t makeup anything and I don’t owe you shit.

You troll constantly and then act surprised we’re not all just shit and giggles ready to serve your every need.

Try not being an asshole troll and who knows, you might actually learn something and make a few friends along the way.

If you cannot provide proof or evidence of your statistic then we have to conclude that it is made up,

You dont owe me anything but when you cannot back up a definitive statistical statement you made dont be surprised when you are called out on it.

Why do you have to make it personal, you are the first one to bitch if someone insults you but then indulge in the same behaviour you accuse others of.

I cannot learn from someone who posts their own opinion (nothing wrong with that) but tries to pass it off as a fact (lot wrong with that).

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So where did you hear the “fact” that nearly 90% of violent felons come from single parent homes in “the hood”?

Ok. So accepting of your argument what do you propose is the most likely cause of violent behaviour? Is it not correct to assume that people that don’t come from good upbringing are much easier to succumb to such unsavoury and violent behavior?

Just so you know there is an already established base of reference that is not recent that such correlations are already made.

I agree that upbringing plays a huge role in those who turn to a life of crime and violence but it is not the only factor.

There are a variety of factors and I think this is a great topic for a thread of its own which I will start ay some point.

I am noy disputing that areas of high poverty and broken home produce violent felons but I was pushing TWR to provide evidence for his statement.

This subject is too complex to make a blanket statement like that. As was stated in one of the links ai provided we can say that 99% of violent felons drink milk but is that the cause of violent crime.

I suspect when we start to break it down our positions will not be too far apart.

I agree it’s a complex topic and certainly would be interested what thread topic you propose in order to explore it further for I believe it’s an important topic. As far as what TWR had stated earlier, I can’t dispute the claim nor confirm it but I know he doesn’t throw things out there if he hadn’t reason to believe it is closer to the truth.