$5 Trillion Wiped Out From World Stocks Amid Fastest Collapse In History

Well this sucks. The greatest economy anyone has ever seen just took a nosedive right into the shitter.

Trump has been bragging about the economy since the start of his presidency and now that the reelection campaign is in full swing I don’t think he’ll be able to claim much success.

If we are now heading into a recession things are going to get really bad. What’s Trump going to be able to claim as a success? We don’t have the wall. Immigration is at absolutely stupid levels. The country has been completely over run by illegals. Wages are shit. There haven’t been any infrastructure improvements and in fact it looks like infrastructure has gotten worse in the past 3 years. Corona viruses imminent and the government doesn’t really seem to give a shit.

The payments in “foreign assistance” to our “greatest ally” are right on schedule…oh and black unemployment. Can’t forget that.

So, here is the reality as I see it.

Life goes on. Stock will take a nosedive which means there are absolutely awesome buying opportunities.

No one but the libs are going to blame Trump for a virus. That is just plain TDS.

Best thing is attention is brought to how dependent we are on China for antibiotics and medical supplies and that is brought back home, creating more jobs.


I agree that there will be some great buying opportunities and I’m going to try to hold out until bottom hits. I think we are a long way off from that and things are going to get painful.

In terms of blaming Trump, the only thing I have to say about that is President Trump needs to do as other nations are doing right now and put America first. By that I mean, shutting down all air travel from countries that have had outbreaks…not just China - which is what Saudi Arabia has just done. Shut down school like Japan and South Korea have already done. President Trump should stop down playing this and get a bunch of troops down to the southern border to ensure that after the borders are closed, which they should be already, that no one sneaks through past any unguarded a territory. Now is the time to act not tell everyone it’s going to be fine and it’s nothing to worry about…because this is something to worry about.

Trump is not to blame for this fiasco.
It was planned and executed with precision.
Order out of chaos. Doesn’t it say so on the back of your dollar bill?

I can’t pinpoint who wrote this, but that’s what it is.

Seems like someone is having a meltdown.

Apple CEO Tim Cook discusses the coronavirus impacts on his specific business and his view on the short-term impacts from disruptions in China. While retail stores and some manufacturing are closed in the short-term, overall Cook sees very little change in the outlook for Apple business once the short-term impacts are removed.

Tim Cook also discusses his relationship with President Trump working together on jobs and education programs. Cook notes President Trump was able to influence Prime Minister Modi of India to allow Apple to enter the Indian market.

PS. if you are following the tiered and strategic deployment of COVID-19 hype, you’ll note the next round of heavy artillery (the WHO/CDC have been saving) is the announcement of an official global “pandemic status” being reached. That will be worth a week of panic media and perhaps another thousand point drop for U.S. stock market.

The way I see it, the stock market has been for the past year playing with house money with all the record breaking highs it has been reaching, so what goes up eventually must come down. No big deal! In other words the recent drops is to be expected as things get reshuffled the market has room to go down without panicking for a crash, that last part is we are seriously a long way from that. The thing to look for though is if speculation becomes cheaper by FEDS cutting rates again. Any action by the FEDS when there is a climate of volatility is more worrisome as that more than anything can have a major destabilising factor and the FEDs need to stay put and not interfere.

Black Monday is the name commonly attached to the large stock market crash of October 19, 1987 . In the United States, the Dow Jones Industrial Average ( DJIA ) fell exactly 508 points (22.6%). This was the largest one-day percentage drop in history.

No surprise here! Bank of America which is anti-Trump and anti 2nd Amendment is calling for a cut in the FED rate by 50 basis points.

  • Dow closed down -1.39% for its seventh straight daily loss and its 10th negative day in 11
    -WTD: Dow closed down -12.36% for its worst week since Oct 10, 2008 when the Dow lost -18.15%
    WTD Dow lost -3,583.05 for its worst weekly point loss in history
    -YTD: Dow is down -10.96% YTD
    From Record: Dow is 14.07% below its intraday all-time high of 29,568.57 from Feb 12 closing in correction levels

Best buying opportunity in years! Half glass full!

The very same liberal dipshits that scream for open borders . :rage: :rage:

Seriously? He said that before the Coronavirus “took over the world”. So, why blame him?
I am sure if this virus wasn’t a thing, the markets would be continuing its rally right about now - perhaps hitting 30,000 by Summer.

Corona virus is 99% political and 1% biological.
Therefore, overcoming the virus biologically is not the problem.

The real challenge is restoring the political and economic damages done (artificially).

So when in the hell will the 4 LOOTERS see justice ? Commie Feinstein sold OVER 6 MILLION before the drop !!

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Jeff Bezos defends Feinstein because he too sold 6 BILLION in stock with the same information .