5,000 ISIS Militants Rot in Syrian Prison Hellhole 🔥

No. Au contraire.
Trump trapped ISIS nicely.

Because they are at war with us and if they managed to slip out of Syria the US and UK are primary targets.

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What are you talking about. Trump had nothing to do with this. These guys are in a Syrian prison and it’s none of our affair.

Bbbbbut the media makes them out to be victims.

If we’re smart, we’ll just let Assad deal with them and the 10,000 more the Kurds are watching.

Their lives are worthless as they have all sworn allegiance to killing others for their idiotic religion.

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That’s what we are doing and have been doing all along. If we’re smart we’ll get the hell out of the ME/NA altogether.

We put them there and if they leave Syria their first Targets will be the US and UK.

Colossally stupid idea.

It’s really a moot point. They’re in a Syrian prison and none of our affair. Not to worry.

ISIS is many-headed like the hydra - cut off one and another one will grow in its place. These are born warriors, not tin soldiers - it’s in their DNA, and unlike the stupid west they ‘take no prisoners’. It’s why they’ll win this war they declared on us.

What a source - the English Daily Mail? They don’t have the faintest idea what’s really going on there any more than any of us do. Makes a few good headlines though?

Israel is the source of terrorism.
As long as this state exists, there will be terrorism and terrorists (of all kinds, regardless of religion, ISIS or otherwise).

A country does not go under because of external threat.
Parasites bring nations down. The English and Swedish royals are parasites allied with bankster parasites (who control the media) and they are no good to their respective countries

BS, these “warriors” are converted in their teens or later. Most of the “ISIS Fighters” are foreign recruits converted over the internet as adults who had no prior military or paramilitary involvement or training at all.

More of your usual unsupportable Jew hating fabricated bull shit.

What possible evidence do you have for such a confident and sweeping assertion? Are you high in the US military? By the way, you were chased out of Afghanistan by ‘warriors’ with AKs and a few RPGs?? Stop being in denial - they’re much smarter than we are. Watch Bitter Lake and you’ll see them laughing in disbelief of how dumb the west is, especially the US and UK. Even the kids are laughing.

I’ve been paying attention to them for more than five years and read extensively on how they were formed and grew.

At the Max they had about 40,000 “fighters” and over 2/3 of them were foreign recruits primarily from Europe.

Why don’t you spend some time googling and reading up on the issues the UK and other EU nations are having with repatriation of ISIS “returnees”.

Well that’s because they shouldn’t have been captured, they should have been killed.

If they were not exactly as I said, foreign recruits from the UK and other EU countries it wouldn’t be an issue at all.

What the hell difference does that make? No fucking wonder they’re laughing at us when they hear nonsense like that.

You seem completely lost. May I suggest reading back so that you are familiar with what is being discussed?

How about you stop with the obfuscating and directly address my comment, which is if they’d been killed instead of captured, then neither of our countries would have the problem of knowing what to do with IS prisoners. QED?