4 year anniversary of the Las Vegas shooting, media still ignores


Did you see the footage (which was on YouTube for a while) of machine gun fire from a helicopter?

Here it is.
Footage of Helicopter Firing at Crowd in Las Vegas​:gun: - Bing video

Youtube and other search engine results have changed it so you can’t do searches on this event, only the BS single shooter angle, which pretty much says “Fuck You we are going to keep LV open in order to keep making money and we are burying the story out of existence so you can’t find it!” This event and the people who carried it out along with the subsequent cover up was pure evil! I hope they all go to hell and burn for eternity!

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False flag…

The organizers of the concert kept the big lights on for easy targeting.

There was also a bizarre incident earlier in the day where a Hispanic woman (I vaguely recall) got in some kind of argument and she said something like: You’re all gonna die.

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It’s like the media stopped looking in to this guy, no motive

The dems bring it up continually as a second Amendment issue .

I think republicans bring it up more because we know something isn’t right. Democrats want to hush it

If you’re willing to keep an open mind:

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I still have this picture which was scrubbed from the internet at least from my searches anyway. Perhaps its available in other means from other parts of the world, but this is pretty disturbing.

That’s insane……………….

Just think about all the families still dealing with this tragedy and the stonewalling bullshit by the FBI that they had to endure in order to get answers. This was an inside job, and might explain why the media is ignoring talking about it, because the media has their deep state in-beds to control the narrative and this is one narrative they do not want to stir up. Motive? What is and what was the motive for doing this? Gun control? Not sure about that. Why? Because they never used this crisis for a gun control narrative like they did in Sandy Hook. Strange right?

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I just think this guy was a sanders supporter who saw a country music event and saw ppl he hates. The investigation went hush because that what they uncovered. Another crazy left wing Terrorist

Could be, but it just seems too much effort was put into the cover-up than let a left wing nut case narrative go unquestioned would have died down a lot faster. There was also more concern of letting a conspiracy theory get out of control than a single shooter narrative that they went with. How about that guy that decided to appear on that TV talk show hosted by Ellen Degenres? That was really weird too and very strange! A lot of people that I spoke with about this event who had friends that were actually there on that night, reported seeing organized Special-OPs on the ground along with Saudi’s in some of the hotels carrying steel brief cases in a hurried rushed manner that made it look like there was some clandestine operation going on at the time. Also many of the people who were questioned by the FBI that night were reported to have had all their cell phone data erased by them after their phones were confiscated by their field agents at the time. Many did not get their phones back either. This entire episode smelled just as bad as Seth Rich murder and subsequent cover up and its both infuriating as well as disappointing that so many gave up so easily on pursuing the truth of this tragedy.

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I find it hard to believe a 60+ year old man went bouncing back and forth between 2 windows that far apart and laid down that much fire for that long.

It makes more sense there were 2-3 of them and whether he was involved or not, he got dead and left there.

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Wtf happen. Why open fire on that crowd. Who did it.

Again, the shooting took place from a helicopter, indicating (Deep State) government involvement.

As Jim Stone indicated, the organizers of the concert did not turn off the light, making the crowd at the concert an easy target.

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That’s crazy! If that video is real, something is seriously going on.

Why kill innocent ppl?