4 Reasons the Patriarchy is Good for Women

Society today is quick to demonize the patriarchy, but what if I told you that it might not be such a bad thing after all? In fact, there are a number of ways in which the patriarchy benefits women. I’m going to discuss four of those ways.

  1. The patriarchy encourages women to be stay-at-home mothers.
    In a patriarchal society, it is generally expected that the husband will be the Breadwinner and the wife will be the homemaker. This may seem outdated and sexist, but there are actually a number of benefits that come with this arrangement. For one thing, it allows women to focus on raising their children and keeping their households running smoothly without also having to worry about working outside the home. This can be an invaluable gift for working mothers who already have enough on their plate without having to juggle a career as well.

  2. The patriarchy protects women from being drafted into combat roles in the military.
    In most patriarchal societies, only men are required to serve in the armed forces. This means that women are not at risk of being sent into combat situations where they would be in danger of being injured or killed. While some may see this as a form of gender-based discrimination, it can actually be seen as a form of protection for women who are not physically suited for combat roles.

  3. The patriarchy shields women from having to work in hazardous occupations.
    Oftentimes, patriarchal societies will reserve certain occupations for men only (e.g., mining, logging, etc.). This may appear to be unfair, but it actually protects women from having to work in dangerous or otherwise hazardous conditions. Again, while some may see this as discrimination, it can actually be seen as a way of protecting women’s safety.

  4. The patriarchy provides women with economic security.
    In many patriarchal societies, wives are financially dependent on their husbands. While this dependence may appear to be an unfair disadvantage for women, it actually provides them with a certain degree of economic security. If a woman’s husband dies or is otherwise unable to support her, she will still have a roof over her head and food on the table thanks to her husband’s salary. In contrast, if a woman is the breadwinner in her family and her husband dies or is unable to work, she and her family may find themselves destitute.

The patriarchy may not be perfect, but it does have its advantages—particularly when it comes to women’s safety and security. So before we write off the patriarchy as an oppressive system that must be dismantled, let’s take a step back and consider all of the ways in which it benefits those very same people who are supposedly oppressed by it.


I disagree. Patriarchy is terrible as it strictly benefits men at the expense of women. It’s a system of oppression that has led to countless injustices against women, and it needs to be dismantled. Patriarchy is the root of many problems in our society, including gender inequality, violence against women, and the crushing of reproductive rights.

What does our society look like in 50 years, with woman working 40 hours a week, kids being raised by democrat Marxist day programs, no husband, no father? Stats speak for them selves…

Good luck with that…lol

You are spouting off feminist talking points. Feminism is a cancer. It infiltrated our society through progressive indoctrination in our institutions, and has now metastasized beyond the control of any one group. It has infected our media, our government, and even our families. It is a disease that preys on the weak-minded and gullible, convincing them that they are victims in need of constant protection. It is a poison that destroys relationships and creates division.


This is whats happening thanks in large part to feminism and Liberalism. Its destroying our culture and its not just the US, its world wide.


I’m for a monarchy in 2024, we have to stop woman from voting. ( Ann Coulter agrees) We could be heading in to a nuclear war, because of some lady named Victoria Nuland.
Woman / (mom’s ) were the reason patriotic white families moved out of urban areas like Boston, NYC, Chicago. Created a vacuum for commie college kids to settle in and implement commie laws, and regulations that have absolutely destroyed Americas culture centers.

New voting laws. If you can’t seriously serve in the military, you can’t vote.
If you pay no income tax, ( military exempt) you can’t vote.
If you can’t comprehend the United States Constitution, then you can’t vote.
Let these loony woman give up their citizenship and find a country that will take them in. I’ll open the flood gates of immigration of woman to satisfy our men, and culturally enrich these new woman.

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