3rd trimester abortion law in NY State


Just wanted to discuss this topic. You will be hearing a lot about how the POTUS over-dramatized the NY law just passed on late Term abortion of a pregnancy. The actual wording is “Within the first 24 weeks or after 24 weeks if necessary to preserve the mother’s health or if the fetus isn’t viable.”

What changed was the addition of “or of the fetus isn’t viable” Also the new law not only allows NON_physicians or Non-Physician assistants to perform the procedure, but it also reinforces the immunity protections “healthcare workers” receive that protects them from any liability as long as they are judged to be “acting in good faith”

Who are these healthcare workers? Are they like Dental Hygienists? Jesus!

Anyway, the other thing I think needs defining (if it hasn’t already been defined in the fine print, something I haven’t read yet admittedly) is the phrase “if necessary to preserve the mother’s health.” I always assumed it was more like " if necessary to preserve the mother’s life" so I think we need to explore the minimum requirement of “mother’s health”. In my mind that could include a professional vegas Showgirl whose livelihood depends on her figure and since childbirth can cause a deformity in the size and shape of the Cervical opening in the female hips, it is a threat to her “health” ??


Any law that allows medical workers and mothers to decide if a child that has been born is allowed to die or live, or to decide to kill it…does nothing more than legalize murder. Whatever happened to “Do no harm”?

Changing “the mother’s life” to “the mother’s health” opens to door to allowing the death of the baby to prevent the mother having mental anguish. There are thousands if not millions of couples wanting to adopt children.


Dear Liberals,

If your right to an abortion means I have to pay for it, then you need to help pay for my guns, because I have a right to them.




It’s a good thing dems are AGAINST the death penalty ! :roll_eyes:


Why exactly are we talking about third trimester abortion AT ALL?

The time to be talking about “maternal health” is with a trusted practitioner, like a physician or nurse practitioner, before deciding to start a family.

Abortion is murder.




I guess the Hippocratic Oath has become the Hypocritic Oath.


Agree that changing the terminology from mother’s life to mother’s health will open the door to abuse and killing viable lives.


If anyone is wondering why our creator would abandon mankind, this is it.