3 dead, 15 injured in suspected Vienna terror attack

The usual suspects. It appears that Islamic Terrorism in Europe are becoming a normal way of life.

One of the attackers tried joining the Islamic state but was stopped by the Austrian government you can’t make things like this up why didn’t they just execute him for treason?? The best possible thing to come out of something like this is to accelerate the inevitable

Also I believe it’s 4 died not 3 and the attackers were armed with AK-47

They invade your Country and they kill you . The religion of peace !

Invade isn’t the right word they’re invited into our country’s and then they kill us which is much more ridiculous than if they actually did invade us our politicians invited them without even asking the population opinion on the matter which means the politicians are lunatics with childlike minds or or they’re extremely devious individuals looking to a use Islamic terrorists to take away our freedoms I believe at this point in time it is clearly the second option

Basically they need to leave or we are going to lose our freedoms and no more just going to a concert no more just going to a Christmas festival or even going to church all of those events are targeted by terrorists no more free communication without big brother looking in because you may be a terrorist and all of this was social cohesion falls into a black hole the West was built on high trust societies at the current rate Europe will fall into an abyss

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You can thank Frau Merkel for her ridiculous fiat allowing any person on this planet to come on over!

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In the UK the large-scale problems started with Tony Blair and he’s ambitions to rub the right wings face in immigration which was in 1997 even before Angela Merkel immigration policy Germany had a problem with Turkish immigrant communities and France had a similar problem with Algerian immigrant communities Netherlands had Moroccans this problem has been building up for a while and we now hitting a road block were the problems will explode in my opinion

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Means they invaded !!!

TB is surely unforgiveable for assisting the US in invading Iraq!

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