25% of Swedish students are refugees

In the primary schools, having students of age 7 to 16, already 25% of all kids have refugee background. 40+ year old Swedes haven’t been having children for a long time so Swedish youth is largely non Swedish.

BUT 25% is not a constant in all schools.

Sunnadal school in Karlskrona has 90% refugee background. Linköping schools have 80%.

HOWEVER some schools have merely 15%.

The schools which mainly consist of refugees have lower school test scores than those schools whose students have Swedish or Finnish ethnic background. It is complete mystery why this is so but one reason may be that foreigners haven’t learned Swedish language well enough.

Sweden is so far gone that there is no turning back. I fully expect Sweden to look more like Africa in the next 50 years.


The Swedes have gone a long way from vikings to pussies. Somewhere in their genes there has to be a hidden code that will revive them and motivate them to fight back for their own people and take back their own country from the plague of migrants.

Cuck capital of the world.

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Don’t worry. It takes time. But it will happen.

I don’t know about that. They have indoctrinated themselves so badly that all of their young men have become either flaming ■■■■ or effeminate to the point that you can’t tell if they are straight or gay. They will be beat on by their ‘guests’ and their women are so hopped up on added estrogen that they will only crave the BBC. Sweden is never coming back.

It’s quite interesting from a sociological perspective how so many women in industrialized and largely caucasion countries either don’t want to children or eschew the notion of being a mother.

That’s because they have been infected by the disease of feminism to not want those things.

If you import the third World, you become the third World

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This is an alarming stat for the US:

According to the Kaiser Family Foundation, about half of all births are now paid for by Medicaid, ranging from 72 percent in New Mexico in 2015 to 27 percent in New Hampshire

Over 70% for New Mexico! Gee, wonder if illegal immigration is having an impact there?

Here is the rest of the article:


The USA has become Mexico’s leading provider of health care and Social Security, and it doesn’t cost Mexico a dime


If they turn the US into a shithole, they will seek asylum in Canada.

There is some consolation in knowing that.

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One of the messages from secular liberalism is that one’s position in this world is more important than anything else. Consider the one moment when all the Democrat Congresswomen actually stood to clap was when Trump mentioned about women in the workforce and women in Congress.