$20M donated for border wall via disabled vet's GoFundMe page may be refunded

I don’t know about the rest of you but I donated a few hundred dollars to this and I don’t want it back. I want it going to fund the border wall. I voluntarily decided to pay what is the equivalent of a tax - if the federal government ever gets their hands on it.

What really pisses me off is all of these left-wing activist can raise tons of money on GoFundMe but as soon as one of us does it, it’s not allowed.


This was inevitably going to happen. It was designed to catch the attention of the media, to draw attention to the fact that people want the wall.

Sounds like he’s abiding by his promise, i.e. that if they didn’t come significantly close to the $1B goal the money would be returned. Donors can either tell them to redirect the money to Kolfage’s non-profit, or wait 90 days for their refund.