20 Things We Can Expect to See When People Can No Longer Afford to Live in America

1) The gap between the rich and poor and the resentment over it will continue to grow immensely.

2) Taxes will go up across the board, but especially on the rich. The rich will flee the high taxes. That will likely mean moving to low-tax states at first, but eventually, it will mean finding ways to move themselves and their assets overseas. This will exacerbate the financial pressure on states and the federal government.

3) Price controls and rent control will become more common, which will help politicians evade responsibility in the short term but will lead to much worse problems over the long term.

4) Shortages of products will become more and more commonplace as price controls and general inefficiency become more commonplace.

5) Populism will rise, both parties will become more polarized, and political conflict will become increasingly extreme, irreconcilable & dangerous.

6) Morality will degrade. Prostitution, drug use, nihilism, and degeneracy of every sort will explode.

7) America’s military will weaken dramatically as the quality of recruits plunges and we no longer have the money to properly maintain and supply our forces.

8) People will downgrade their lifestyles, in some cases, dramatically. Growing vegetables in the backyard, drinking rainwater, and cutting firewood to keep warm in the winter may go from trendy or “country” ways to live to commonplace.

9) Homes will get smaller. It wouldn’t even be a shock to start seeing multiple tiny, relatively cheap, 400-square-foot homes popping up on properties that would normally have one house on them today:

10) The value of pensions and money people have saved will drop faster and faster over time as inflation eats into their value.

11) The value of Social Security and Medicare will also drop tremendously over time because of inflation, to the point where both programs may have the same names, but they will be a shadow of what they are today.

12) The government will institute a wealth tax. It will be sold as something to target the rich, but in practice, over time, they will be taking large amounts of money from people no one considers rich.

13) Americans will go to much greater lengths to avoid paying taxes. That may very well lead to black markets springing up and more barter.

14) Crime, thefts, riots, corruption, bribery, and disorder will dramatically increase – and not just in the big cities.

15) A string of city and state government bankruptcies will occur.

16) Government will try to provide bread and circuses (those may not be necessary for modern America since the private sector has it covered) to help keep the populace more docile. That might very well mean universal basic income.

17) The dollar will lose its reserve currency status, which will lead to the government taking desperate, unpopular measures to cut spending.

18) Potentially, hyperinflation will occur as the government prints more and more worthless money, or alternately, massive deflation will come into play as the government moves back to the gold standard.

19) A long depression in the United States could take place and potentially, globally as the US economy collapses economically.

20) There will be a dramatic rebalancing of the system that could occur in a variety of ways. Wealth confiscation, revolution, civil war, secession, dictatorship, coup, or some other radical change to the system that is viewed as helping to recenter society.

Think of these as symptoms of a disease. The more of them you see and the more pronounced they are, the worse it’s getting. The faster they’re moving, the less time you have until the end.

The good news is that like a human being who isn’t taking care of himself, we can always change course, add some healthy habits, and potentially change our trajectory. The bad news is that also like a human being, the most likely course is that we’ll just keep doing what we’re doing, even if we know better, until it’s too late.

Credit~ Culturcidal by John Hawkins

With every recession the rich get richer

Middle class bail out of the market

The wealthy invest in the. Market

The gap widens


It’s a suicidal cycle! Like a snake that decides to eat itself.


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Or self preservation.

The world has always had wealthy and today is no different.

According to a recent study, almost 24.5 million millionaires* live in the U.S. today. To put that into perspective, that’s more people than the entire population of Florida2 And that number is growing.

Here’s the thing: Millionaires probably don’t look the way you think they do. In 2017 and 2018, our team worked on [the largest study of millionaires ever conducted and discovered that most of them didn’t inherit their wealth, drive fancy sports cars, or eat at five-star restaurants every night. In fact, most millionaires are just ordinary, everyday people who follow basic money practices.

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