1981 book: Wuhan-400 virus destroys US

Bestselling genre author Dean Koontz published a 1981 novel titled ‘The Eyes of Darkness’ that centers on a shtf extinction level bioweapon virus which leaks from gov labs in Wuhan China. The virus is literally called Wuhan-400. It spreads to the US and shitloads of people die, CIA develops vaccine etc.

Anyone read this shit? As other anons have said, it’s reminiscent of the famous Lone Gunmen pilot episode that aired months before 9/11, except this book is from 1981.


Ok. That’s really strange. I’d like to get my hands on that book to see how accurate it is.


Harvard University, John Hopkins Uni/Hospital, Bill Gates, the Davos meeting…

The same old crowd helped to set up the lab in Wuhan.

— Forgot to mention
And made it look like the virus “escaped” from there.

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Yo - what does all of this have to do with this random book that called out the Coronavirus almost 40 years ago?

There are novels and Hollywood movies based on leaked information on future plans.
Have you heard of the movie called Capricorn One?


The exact shape and appearance of Iapetus (third largest moon of Saturn) was not known, supposedly, when the movie Star Wars was made.