19-Year-Old Woman Looking Like a Deformed John Lennon Punches and Kicks Pro-Life Activist


It’s not just a men/ women thing. It’s cowardice. I’ve had an old woman grab my wrist. I was shocked how weak and pathetic her grip was and knew I couldn’t retaliate.


Back a bit, I was at Walmart & saw an old boy in one of the electric shopping carts. WW2 vet, and had to have been in his 90s. He’s mumbling to himself, smoking one of those Parodi Italian cigars, that are rock hard & smell like a burned clutch. He is also holding a shillelagh. None of the Walmart staff went near him to ask him to stop smoking. I love days like that. The only thing that could have made it better is , if an employee did attempt to stop his smoiking, and he wailed them with the shillelagh. Nothing like a good lathering.

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I wonder why libs don’t protest while wearing this… which does not come out of some made-for-TV fantasy.


Antifa pretty well does… .


Speaking of which, now that it is Summer, they should be coming out of the woodwork. :roll_eyes:


Worse, they’ll be coming out of their clothes!

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Gut GAWD, TWR. Did ya haf ta put dat picture in my head???

Hows I supposed ta have sweet dreams tonight???


This is just a way for men to get into the Ladies Room.


I would have hit this silly little thing and than when nobody was looking I would have burst out laughing because It would have been fun to hit her


Equal rights, Right?

If a woman want’s to bow up , ball up her fists and attack like a man she should be treated accordingly.

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So … does it work? :stuck_out_tongue:


That’s how Jacob was fooled into marrying Leah rather than his intended Rachel. It cost him an additional 7 years of servitude to finally get her father’s blessing.

Hell of a price to pay for any woman and apparently according to scripture it was God paying him back for his own deception of his father and theft of his own brother’s birthright.

Payback is a bitch.

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The guy had every right to Zimmerman that bitch.

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Horsehockey. He had a lawful use of force but under the laws of no state in the US would he have been justified in the use of deadly force.


How did the victim not know whether or not she was trying to kill him? Liberals are violent people and need to be dealt as such. Liberals are also known to have AIDS and other SRDs, she could have bitten him.

It is just best to play it save when around animals.


If you don’t allow yourself to become a victim you won’t ever be one.


That kind of stupid “illogic” is what lands people in prison for murder or manslaughter over a failed claim of “self defense”.

The reasonble person standard applies in all self defense situations, “Would a reasonable person have acted the same? Would a reasonable person in the same circumstances had a clear and justifiable fear of imminent grave bodily harm or death”.

The answer to both here is “hell no”.

Would he have been justified in knocking her on her ass? You bet.


True but if you use an unreasonable amount of force overreacting when there is no deadly threat you will end up in prison and be a victim hundreds or thousands of times before you get out.


Trayvon Martin showed the world what happens when you sucker punch someone and try to murder them by beating their head into a sidewalk because you are racist against people that you think are creepy ass crackers.


She didn’t sucker punch anyone nor did she get him down on the ground pounding his head into the concrete while he was screaming for help and begging her to stop.

Zimmerman had a clearly justifiable use of deadly force, this guy did not.