158 Catholic Priests, Rape over 600 Children

This is a story that has become all too common and oddly enough is ironic when one watches the HBO series “The Keepers” which is a seven-episode American documentary web series that explores the unsolved murder of nun Catherine Cesnik in 1969. This also took place in Maryland and it was discovered that Cesnik was about to expose a Priest for sexually abusing children which may have led to her death and unsolved murder. Not to say that these two stories are connected but the correlation to the issue of sexual abuse when involving the Catholic church is too uncanny and ironic to ignore.

Now we have this story coming out which to be honest is sickening to read about. I am sure the Catholic diocese will be in damage control mode and will try to bury this one story with a series of payoffs and settlements to the victims before reaching a court room giving the press further opportunity for expose that will for sure give it another black eye for lack of a better term.

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The question I have is if this depressing news will have an affect on the way people view Christianity? Or Catholics not considered Christianity?

Yes, Catholics are Christians. I suppose the deeds of some of the Priests do have an affect on how people view Christianity. There are lots of things that affect the views people have of Christianity.

I personally know Catholics that left the church over this basically it was something that was whispered about for many years and when it was all confirmed the Catholic church policy was moving predators around basically covering for them whilst asking the victims families not to press charges and that the predator was no longer part of the Catholic church only for it to be discovered years later that they had just been relocated and no one was warned about thier previous activities people left the church many move to other church’s some just left Christianity as a whole sad really

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Christianity/Jesus Christ’s teachings are the best thing to happen to humanity we should all live in accordance and live under the new covenant as Western society drifts away from it we are morally and socially decaying the paedophile Priests have a special place in HELL but none more so than the corrupt Pope’s with thier sicking polices

Agreed… but I will leave the judging to Jesus/God.


Yes you are right to do so I was wrong it’s not up to me ti make judgements like that it’s just makes me mad to think about

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Nothing compares to the numbers native Americans stacked up

Sorry what do you mean?

Let’s say they like little boys

Remember some people here like to seek attention to start shit, and others actually want to come here to discuss topics. What you are seeing is a demonstration of insecurity and envy to the point its an obsession. A metal illness on display. I guess when you spend 30 years making pizza it tends to drive people to do and say crazy things.

Are you starting to see this yet?

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Depends who you talk to. I have a friend who is a Calvinist and he said Catholics are Catholics but are not Christians, and that they have a different Bible altogether.

I was always told that it’s is a departing belief designed as another institutional form.

Catholics need to go back to the days of pre-Vatican II worship. They also need to get rid of that communist pope and cleanse the rolls of any pedophiles.

In France as of the moment more than 300 thousand complaints have been lodged against Catholic priest for sexual abuse.

Not surprised given that this issue sadly has become all too common within the Catholic Church over the years.

The church has gone 'woke" the amount of devastation visited upon the families of those children being abuse over and over again by scumbag priest within the Catholic church is unconscionable , along with the hiding of these sick perverts . It’s no wonder the flock moved on . :face_with_symbols_over_mouth:


Not to mention they are being instrumental by working with NGO’s in ushering in illegals across the border.

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