12 Year Old White Girl Raped Every Day For Months by Pakistani Muslim Rape Gang

A 12-year-old girl was “passed around like a piece of meat” by a group of Middle Eastern men who sold her for sex, a British court heard yesterday.

Prosecutors at Birmingham Crown Court say the young girl was raped repeatedly, made to perform sexual acts in a churchyard, and abused by the group of Middle Eastern men when she rejected their sexual advances, the Daily Mirror reports.

In shocking video evidence, the victim said that she had “lost count” of the number of men who raped her in the past two years.

The five men accused of the horrific abuse: Mohammed Ali Sultan, Amjad Hussain, Shafiq Younas, Nazam Akhtar and Mohammad Rizwan all deny ever having done anything wrong.

The young girl recounted having the men pick her up “every day, after school” and being “passed around” by the takeaway delivery driver Tanveer Ahmed and Sultan. The victim said the time period was so unbearable that she often contemplated suicide.

The court heard how the young victim was urinated on by one of the five men who are currently on trial.

“This case involves the sexual exploitation of a young girl, a girl passed around like a piece of meat for the sexual gratification of several young men, some of whom are in the dock,” Michelle Heeley QC, prosecuting, said

Ahmed was absent from trial proceedings since he had been deported to Pakistan for “unrelated offenses”.

Ali Sultan faces four charges of indecent assault and one charge of rape.

Shafiq Younas, aged 35, stands accused of orally raping the young girl in the Wellington churchyard.

Nazam Akhtar has been charged with rape.

Mohammad Rizwan is accused of forcing the girl to perform sex acts. He faces two charges of indecent assault.

I’m sure they’ll get a stern warning.

How about some hard reality. What do you do with a rabid animal? Myself, I’d grease them on public TV; and wouldn’t lose a minutes sleep over it. In fact, I’d sleep better knowing they are no longer depriving decent creatures of oxygen. And some people believe Public Crucifixion is cruel & unusual punishment.

When do we start the crusades again? This is was done to defile a Christian girl on Christian land. Of course, since this is the UK they aren’t even making the connection that there should also be hate crime charges.

Kill the Mudslimes and any other one that would defend the child rapists. If a couple million Muhammads end up dead then the world will be a slightly better place for it.

This is how cultural enrichment goes.
They enrich you and you fucking sit there like the worm you are.
Say something - you’re a racist.
Hold a government official accountable - you’re a criminal.
Ask for accountability from the Islamic community - you’re a bigot.
This is the future.
It’s good.
It’s beautiful.
It’s not white.
Europe is over.
You lost.
Die in a corner alone.
The ummah grows.
The caliphate is coming.
This is your future.
Have a beer.
While you still can.

The religion of peace . :roll_eyes::roll_eyes:

Sorry but I’m going to have to be a bit of a fact checker here.

I didn’t see a single line in the story that disclosed the race of the poor young victim. This is a tragedy, no doubt about it. I don’t think it has anything to do with race or religion. It just has to do with opportunity and a few bad criminals.

But it’s right there in the thread title David…:man_shrugging:

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Oh darn it! You’re completely right about that. Now they are going to use this to own the libs.

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Assuming that you’re not being sardonic - you mean like the ‘bad criminals’ we had (and still have??) in places such as Rotherham and Huddersfield?

“Huddersfield grooming gang: four more jailed for abusing girls”

You loony-left liberals really are something else!

PS I’ve just had a thought: A paragraph from the link . . .

"Mohammed Akram, Niaz Ahmed, Mohammed Imran Ibrar and Asif Bashir used their teenage victims as “commodities” after plying them with drink and drugs.

  • the ultimate irony would be if the ‘drink and drugs’ were paid for by these scumbags from unemployment benefits payments?

It’s here, and it’s now - in a country which used to be known as Sweden.

This sentence from the OP

"Ahmed was absent from trial proceedings since he had been deported to Pakistan for “unrelated offenses”

I don’t believe a word of it. This piece of shit is still here, I’d bet on it.

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Yeah Ok Comrade Dave Zedong!:rofl::rofl:


There were another 79 picked up in the Channel yesterday . . .

NB. the info is in the first para - there’s no copy and paste facility for it. And if that’s a ‘near-record number’, what must the real record number be? I despair, I really do. I overlook the English Channel and whenever I see it calm as a millpond I think ‘I wonder how many will take a one-way excursion from Calais today?’ In a dinghy gifted to them by the French government? FFS ya couldn’t make it up!