10th Jewish school closed

Because the schools are doing the right thing.

New York City closes 10th ■■■■■■ school for violating vaccine order

What do these ■■■■■■ schools know what other schools don’t know?

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Nothing. For some stupid reason a lot of ■■■■ buy into Leftist propaganda about stuff.

Studies show that it’s the fringe of BOTH parties that deny the science of vaccines.

These guys in black speak Yiddish and read Yiddish newspapers. Hmmm, maybe these Yiddish papers have conspiracy theories non-Yiddish speakers cannot read.

No, it’s the Orthodox and Ultra O’s that oppose vaccination on religious grounds.

Fundamentalist nonsense that ignores everything known to medical science on the subject but it is their right.

Don’t be surprised if these closings are defeated in court on First Amendment grounds.