101st Airborne Division Arrives in Poland

While US military deployments in the region have been fairly regular since the armed money laundering operation in Ukraine started, the pictures of once great Army units are just depressing.

The Biden Administration is surging these “warriors” to the edge of the the line with Ukraine as a “show of force” to Putin.

What a fucking joke. Whatever message the Administration is trying to send is immediately destroyed by accessing pictures like this which are being circulated far and wide.

I did my time over a decade ago and it wasn’t this bad. Let the diversification begin.

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From L to R: Jamal, Janqueefa, Tyronese, Eduardo, Shemarika, Devonte, Santiago, Jamiroquacious


That picture is cherry picking and irrelevant. The fact is, the United States military is the most technologically advanced military in the world. From fighter jets and drones to communications systems and night-vision goggles, the US military has access to the latest and most sophisticated technology. This technological edge gives the US military a major advantage on the battlefield, and it has played a crucial role in recent conflicts such as the Gulf War and the war in Afghanistan. In addition to its cutting-edge hardware, the US military also benefits from a highly trained and professional workforce. The vast majority of US troops are volunteers, and they undergo rigorous training before being deployed. As a result, the US military is not only better equipped than its rivals, but it is also better prepared.

Gotta love that SSG walking and texting.


God I hope those are actors for blade 4.

I like the old days

This was my unit when I was in. I wonder if they gotten their bullwinkles through affirmative action?

Where have you been? Our Military is a joke and is not fit for clean up duty!

US military = Dog Meat!


Years ago it would have been unheard of allowing women to join our ranks. You are right this is a disgusting shame! More wokeism bullshit!


I have a little bit of experience with the Army :clown_face:

The US Army used to be the most feared fighting force in the world. But over the past decade or so, leadership has become more interested in promoting diversity, equity, inclusion, and political correctness than lethality and winning wars.

Big Army has implemented a number of policies that make it difficult for your average white guy to succeed. Standards have been lowered for female and minority soldiers, which had the intended effect of increasing training and performance requirements for white males. In addition, the promotion system has been rigged to favor diversity over best qualified soldiers. As a result, the quality of the Army has declined significantly, and morale is at an all-time low. Just look at the cadre of new leaders in command positions as well as the new Future Soldier Prep Course. It’s a pre-school.

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