10 Reasons You'd Be Crazy Not To Get Your Kids Vaccinated

Yay! A COVID-19 vaccine is now available for children!

Now, you might be wondering why you need to give an experimental vaccine to your kids when they’ve never really been at risk from COVID-19, and that makes you a horrible person. Because when it comes to COVID-19, you’re just supposed to do whatever you’re told and not ask questions. Still, here are ten reasons to get your kids vaccinated.

  • If 100% of kids are vaccinated, maybe you’ll be allowed to not wear a mask. Maybe. Who knows? Could happen. Or not. Whatever.
  • All the cool kids are doing it. Or maybe it’s the dorks. I don’t really understand the kid hierarchy anymore. Anyway, the really weird-looking kids are doing it.
  • The deadline for Pfizer’s fourth-quarter sales goals is coming up. You have Pfizer stock, right?
  • Fauci said so, and he’d never lie to us. I mean, he constantly lies to us, but for our own good.
  • Your kids were mouthing off. And injecting them with something is a way better punishment than taking away video games.
  • It demonstrates that you are a good citizen. “Look at my injected kids,” you will say. “Please increase my social score.”
  • Someone needs to try it to make sure it’s safe for colobus monkeys. If it’s fine for your kids, maybe it will be okay for monkeys.
  • It teaches your kids to be compliant. The next time someone offers them drugs, you don’t want them to ask a bunch of questions.
  • Maybe it will have cool side effects. Like mutating your kid into a shark. Shark kid! That would be awesome.
  • This is how we end the pandemic. Or at least it’s step 23 out of 347 steps to end the pandemic.

Go do it. Or you’ll lose your job or something.

Fk off with this shit! When did you become a shill for big Pharma?

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Did you read it?

No I glanced over it and thought what? The Fk? Thanks for the clarity and apologies. Just waking up here in Hong Kong with my first cup of Joe and I overreacted.

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We have a functioning immune system let it do it’s thing . :mask:

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Any parent who refuses to get their child vaccinated is guilty of abuse and child endangerment and should have their kid taken away.

I think you live in the wrong country lol I can help you renounce your citizenship if you don’t like freedom

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I would kill you if you came near my child with your retarded vaccine bullshit! Plain and simple!

Seems like Republican antivaxxers will need to find a new place to live since the mandates are coming to children all across our country. Facts.

Two words… F*** YOU!

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And have always been there for school enrollment. Trumpers however threaten you with death over this. We’re seeing a fringe right growing out of control….

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Lol and if the workers don’t work you won’t like what happens next lol

And the guy first in line to tell you that you need to repent and be saved will tell you “Phuck you”….

Like Ghandi said > I like your Christ, I do not like your Christians. Your Christians are so unlike your Christ.

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I’ll be your huckleberry

The Bible beaters are always the most hypocritical.

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The Bible says don’t protect your children? Huh

“And the person to first criticize Christians and Christianity for that matter, is the one that is the most hypocritical thus will see it returned to them ten fold”

But Montecrusty is no Ghandi either! Hilarious! :rofl: :rofl: :rofl:


Yeah, yet you here telling us about how we should be vaccinated against our will. What happened to “my body my choice”? Funny how that works when it applies to abortions right? Sounds like you take the cake on Hypocrisy! You should at least practice what you preach before making such bold proclamations in trying to establish a higher moral ground with the people you ideologically disagree with!

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Everyone is unlike Christ… but explaining that to you is a waste of time, so I won’t bother. Go ahead and retort with some more bullshit… I’m used to it from the likes of you.

There ya go.

(I’m still trying to figure out the political ramifications of a kid turning into a shark.)