What Will Be Trump's Next Move Post Capital Insurrection? (Multiple choice, pick any you want)

The people of our country are tired of subsidizing corporations for under paying their employees… we have to pass laws through welfare and all kinds other things because corporations refuse to pay a decent wage…and people must be able to live and feed their children…We need a miminum wage that keeps people off the welfare system…Awarding management and ceo’s astronomical sums of money and benefits and paying starving wages too the people that actually make the products can no longer be the standard…it all must change…and minimum wage is not illegal if corporations refuse to pay a wage that keeps people off welfare then corporations will be made to pay for a system that puts this all in place through taxes that will directly be paid to workers

I do agree with this. There should be a tax penalty for the amount of employee welfare used (food stamps, etc) that eliminates the incentive to underpay people by hiring part time employees and offshore labor.

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I do agree with your assessment…further if a system can be in place that has a minumum guarantee that people and their children won’t starve and have a roof over their heads and healthcare that will be important…

Corporations and others have to much control over our economy and who will be the winners and losers…for 40 years+ the our people have been the losers…Wall Street and their minions have put in place things that have been used to determine who will lose and who will win…they run a business that pays no taxes… trillions and trillions of $$$ move through with no taxes paid…we cannot go to the corner and buy a pack of gum without paying taxes on it and the hidden taxes inside it…WS needs to pay up.now…etc etc.

DaJakass, I guess you believe someone working the drive up window at McDonalds is worth $15 an hr.
What about your sister AOC leading protests against Amazon wanting to bring in $15 an hr jobs. Why work when she wants people to stay on welfare

He has less political posts than he has posts insulting other posters by word and meme. A good one to simply ignore.

Yea I can see a pattern here about dr. Madhatten
Stay sane monty

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