Utility vs Public Utility

Mine is hard wired in to a separate breaker panel where I identified critical things I wanted power

No cords as I also have a auto transfer switch that senses incoming power

Good way to go and smart. A lot of people here have that. I’m him-hawing that or a whole house generator. I really hate cooking on an electric stove and I have the license to run gas lines which includes gas appliances and generators.

Which means I am the last person to take care of myself because I am too busy taking care of everyone else :roll_eyes::sob:

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You don’t ned the whole house on the generator, just the breakers serving the critical systems.

Furnace, well, AC, Kitchen, freezer, Hot water if electric.

Other circuits are optional.

Make sure you get the transfer switch as it should automatically switch with a power failure. You don’t even have to be home to ensure it turns on.

Take care of yourself first as this is worth it.


My Viking Stove is the first install, however I rather do propane but still vetting pros and cons on that one! I always prepare for the worse!